Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Worst Sports Month

Tomorrow, February 1st 2009, is the Super Bowl.

Steelers vs Cardinals.
It's the Ultimate Sports Event.
Super Bowl parties with Liquor, food, and friends will be in effect.
Clever Commercials.
Degenerate Gambling.
Good Stuff.
Fun Stuff

then Nothing.

If your not into NBA basketball there isn't much going on.

March Madness is really over a month away.
Football is done.
Hockey - c'mon that's for Canadians
Pitchers and Catchers - yawn.

February is the worst sports month.

Most bored baseball junkies will catch a Classic Met/Yankee games on SNY and YES to get their sports swerve on.

I'm bored right now and I want to get my softball swerve on so I'm going to take a walk on the Classic side

Classic Softball Blogs/Topics that I'm Proud of and what they mean
(More than the usual Top Ten)
(Topic and Links are in Bold while my remarks are under the Text in Red)

Mr February

What it means To me
Nothing is harder that over coming a stigma that your own mind has created.
Every player should want to become more than they currently are - It's called Transcendence

Mr Magoo -

What it means To me
I hate dissing umpires but this blog was special b/c I hate Mr Johnson, he sucks and the Big Apple league should get rid of him. I don't want to hear any political bullshit, he's a cancer, asshole, and has to get wacked. I can't believe he is the head umpire and gets kick backs from the other umpires. It's ridiculous. Lose him.

Dogs Chasing Cars

What it means To me

DieHard Central Park pick up player tribute.
Hey love comes in many different forms


What it means To me

I Love Black Jack and I Love Softball.
The odds are against you in both, but you can beat the system if you play your cards right.

Breaking Up and Hoes

What it means To me

Isn't my motto that softball is more than just a game?
Well what's the point of softball blogging if you can't tie in the Real World?


What it means To me

Inspiration can come at any time.


What it means To me

Cheaters, especially blatant ones, need to be exposed.


What it means To me

Love him or hate him he's Never boring.

Dio Jackson

What it means To me

Same as Castillo.


What it means To me

A Blog Title that the NY Post would be proud of.
Ironically, Rosenmiller and I played on 2 teams in 2008 and enjoyed a good season.


What it means To me

Investigative and informative reporting


What it means To me

A way to kill time


What it means To me

Trying to get a job.
A guy actually called me about a job in Washington D.C after finding this blog.
Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.


What it means To me

Controversy is always good for readership and attracting goon anonymous comments.

Boxers and Warriors

What it means To me

Fun and imagination.


What it means To me

Good memories and a bog reason why to play the game

Is February over yet?

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