Friday, February 27, 2009

Behind Every Man is a ... Beach Chair?

Yesterday it was about 50-55 degrees in NYC. For February that's a heat wave and a great excuse to get out in the park and play softball. Me and three other guys had our own Bronx version of spring training. We took batting practice, hit soft toss, practiced pitching/defense, and ran from foul pole to foul pole. Honestly, the best part of the whole workout was the running, everything else was bullshit.

Anyway, one of the guys showed up to the practice with his family.
To pass the time comfortably his significant other (lady/wife) brought a beach chair to view the practice and care for their young daughter (age 4-6).
I'm all for family time but I couldn't quite understand why someone would want to watch a practice in cold weather.

My wife, Astrid ( pictured below) doesn't make it out to the field much.
So she doesn't get to see my scrub ass stink up the field, throw bats, and have temper tantrums. .

Lucky her.

But other ladies going to the games, and apparently even the practices. As the saying goes behind every Great Man is a Woman, so let's explore why Women go to Softball Games

Top Ten Reasons Women Watch their Man Play Softball
10. To Keep an Eye on her man.
9. For the Man to keep an eye on his woman.
8. To Break out the Beach Chair and get a Tan
7. They are able to talk on the cellphone for 2-3 hours without their man noticing.
6. The After Party - Beer, Bar Scene, and Barbecue - good stuff
5. Heckle - some of the most vicious hecklers are Women
4. They actually love the game. Some ladies keep score and give management decisions.
3. Cheer and Support Her Man - She knows that if her man has a good day he will be happy and treat her better and she might get some .
2. They are Forced to Go. They hate the game, but their man wants to "spend time" with them while he plays. In other words, the guy is double dipping - Trying to make wifey happy but still play ball.

and the Number One Reason Women Watch their Man Play Softball

1. Gossip and trade softball widow stories with other wives, girls, and players, especially the players, the men gossip the most. Drama!!!!