Friday, January 16, 2009

NFL Coors Light Beer Commercials

Now that the NFL season is almost over many players start thinking about the upcoming softball season. Along those same lines last night I attended a softball meeting for the upcoming Central Park Softball season

The meeting took place at Blondies bar on 79th street and for some reason reminded me of the Famous NFL Coors Light Beer Commercials.
The Coors press conference commercials are gold.

Some of my real and fake Coors commercial favorites are below - this one is fake but funny - also fake but funny

Top Ten Reasons Softball Meetings Remind me of a Coors Light Commercial

10. Both have people drinking Coors Light in them
9. Both have drunks in them
8. They both occur during a break in the action
7. Classic Jim Mora quote PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS?? is always discussed
6. Coaches in both are always upset at the umps/officials
5. The coaches in the commercials and the commissioners in the meetings have to answer awkward retarded questions in a serious manner. Lots of Questions
4. Lots of clowns goofing around in both
3. People who take things a bit too seriously are made fun of in both
2. Both the coach in the commercial and the people attending the meeting would rather be somewhere else.

and the Number One Reasons Softball Meetings Remind me of a Coors Light Commercial

1. They are both funny and fun - clashing personality, dumb questions, drinking - it's like a 40 year old frat part

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  1. I never thought I would see Rick at one of the meetings, and the league feels blessed to have shared his presence.

    The early bird gets the worm! It’s freezing out and it may seem as if these meetings are being held much too early but when you think about it opening day is only 79 days away from today. It will be here sooner than you know. 