Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Without me

Guess who's back.
Back again!!
SBI is back !!!
Tell a friend !!!!!!!!!
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
I've created a monster, ......

All right all right I'll stop with the corny rip-off of Eminem's classic "Without Me" song and get right back to blogging about softball

It's January 6th. Isn't that Three Kings Day dude?

It's always softball season.

In fact it a new year and with that comes resolution for a new season.

Top Ten New Year Softball Resolution

10. Win more championships - last year I won only 1 Championship.
Any Chip is nice but the more the merrier.

9. Hit a Homer Run off Johnny Castillo with my new "used ebay" bat

Hitting a homer is nice, hitting one off of Castillo is always nice, but it will also mean that the he is back playing softball again and that will be good thing.
8. Umpire twice a week - The money is always nice, but I take pride in umping and doing my best for the players involved. maybe create an umpire association.
7. Improve.
Improve at age 40 (I'll be 40 this year) ?
I thought you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
40 is old, but not too old for softball, getting better and competing at your best is always important. Making people that say you suck shut up is Priceless
6. Not pick up so many people in my car for softball.
The Knockout Shuttle is too tiring and annoying.
5. Not call so many people for softball.
Last year I felt I called softball players more than I used to call girls I wanted to hook up with when I was single. Ridiculous
4. Win in the Big Apple League. I have never even made the finals in 7 seasons.
3. Not Manage - another headache to avoid.
2. Pay as little money as possible to play in softball. Don't get me wrong I will pay for beer, equipment, umps, parking, pitchers, I uh mean consultants, but I don't want to pay any league fees or uniforms - waste of money.
and the Number One New Year Softball Resolution
1.Just Play as much as possible before age and hopefully fatherhood slow that down.


  1. Ric you suck, you're gay, John is gay, he sucks, you suck as a manager, you don't know anything about softball, John is a Cancer, your league sucks, everything sucks....

    There, I saved you goons the time of writing the same shit over and over.

    - Juan

  2. Damn! What will I say now?.....I guess I'll say........JUAN YOU SUCK TOO!!!

    Can't you feel the love?

  3. This isnt softball related ,however i know many guys love football.
    I play in touch football league in NJ, is there anyone interested in playing? I could use LINEMAN and tall/speedy WR/DB with hands.
    Email me if interested.

    Jimmy Meyers
    The games are in Union or Manville, so whoever wants to play needs to drive. More info if you email me.

  4. C'mon guys, help Jimmy out. Ric was an o-lineman in HS. Add Edgar Jr, John Shepp, Dio and Lou and you've got the whole line.

  5. The little blond mouse Juan has spoken. That picture of you three bozos says it all. What did the left ball (the scrub) on the picture say to right ball (The Cancer) on the picture? The guy in the middle is a little useless dick.

  6. Hey anonymous, i think you got the balls all mixed up the cancer ball is on the left and the scrubb ball is on the right of the picture. The little uesless penis is right on the money.

  7. rick, is that the bat i go t u on ebay?
    u know that if u ever face castillo again he will hook you up a nice juicy pitch down the middle like always.
    speaking of football anyone with skills wanna QB coed touch football on 155th Saturdays?

  8. I can QB on Saturdays-where is the field and what time of days? Do you have website for league?

    Jimmy Meyers

  9. Cancer is a strong word and real cancer is even worse. I would hate to leave this beautyfull island but biness is biness aaight! Blondy you know you´re weak up an away.

  10. Anybody wants to play 8 men polo night games league fee is 100 us dollars includes horse and uniform please get in touch with castillo team captain. Long range rifle team bigins last week of january. Good luck bring water is 80 at night.