Saturday, August 30, 2008


Last Sunday in 2 very hard fought games my team West succumbed to the Borg, I mean Contact, in the Big apple league. I guess resistance is Futile after all.

Contact is probably the best defensive team I have ever played against and their victory was well earned. I wish them the best going forward.

The saddest part for me in this loss was not losing to Contact rather it was the reality that the long trying, but rewarding season, with West was over.

I've been on other Big Apple teams where I had bigger role or better statistics. but nothing quite topped the West experience.

We went through so much.

Injury - Jose freak eye injury comes to mind
Rain - It rained every week for like 2 straight months
Bad Umpires - I mean who can ever forget Mr Magoo
Heart Breaking Losses - Contact Working Class
Embarrassing Blowouts - is the Choice Parts game over yet?
Missing players all season - getting 10 guys was a mission
Players Quiting
Add new players - Frankie and Mike
Errors - too many
Hitting balls right at people - Rick couldn't sleep at night for a while
Playing must win softball after getting of to a miserable 4-8 start - Finished strong!!!
Through all the struggle our Manager John Sheppard held it together.

Don't get me wrong. John ain't perfect but he was the right man for the job.
Usually the most improved team or championship team's manager win Manager of the year. I personally vote for Sheppard because he never gave up

Managing West became an Obligation for him.
The pain, struggles, and losing got to him, but he never quit.
The loyalty and commitment among the players that he has earned is what kept the season from falling apart.

Going forward for us as a team is somewhat of a question mark considering what a trying year this was. I know one thing without Sheppard it would never be the same.

Holer Back!!!!!!!


  1. Has onyone heard from Jose? I'd like to know how he's doing. Holler back on that please.

    Rick, West is a team of all winners. It has always been that way and always will be I'm sure.


  2. West is chelsea gang on and off the field. Criminals,dope dealers and ladrones..fuk them!

  3. What does chelsea gang mean? I don't think anyone on West is from chelsea.