Monday, August 11, 2008

How you End up at catcher

In 10 man modified Softball game the catching position for the most part is reserved for your worst fielder.

There are no stolen bases or passed ball.

Defense is limited to plays at home and pop ups.

It's not a fun or glamorous position to play.

So how does a player end up at Cather in softball?

Top Ten Ways you End up at Catcher

10. You suck and should never play a position facing the batter. You team is hiding you at catcher.
9. You don't really suck, but everyone on your team plays the field better than you
8. The pitcher likes you. I know a lot of bums who play only b/c the pitcher likes them.
Heck that bum is me, Castillo and Gil have gotten me in plenty of games b/c they requested me.
7. Your new to the team and someone has to catchers otherwise like Casey Stengel said "The ball would roll to the backstop after every pitch"
6. Your a damn good hitter who can't field.
5. You've got Bruto strength. You have a strong back and legs.
4. Your mad slow
3. Your scared of playing the field.
2. You enjoy getting abused by power tripping bully pitchers who take out there frustration of getting rocked or poor defense out on you. Your a glutton for punishment

and the Number One Way you End up at Catcher

1. Tie - Top Ten Tie at #1
1-10 Your too old to play anywhere else and you paid for the team
1-9 Your manager says it's catcher or the bench
1-8 Your fat and lazy
1-7 Injury - You can't throw or run
1-6 Confidence by either you or your manager is lost
1-5 You love to play
1-4 You love to win
1-3 You are a good catcher - know batters, frame pitchers and read batters, and most importantly are not afraid
1-2 Your not a Diva Bitch who refuses to catch
1-1 All the above


  1. this comment is to talk about bronx stars league , that's the worst league that i ever had played or see , freddy doesn't know how to rule that league , no player is alowed to play in more than 1 team in the same season , but freddy's sons play in 3 teams each , also he did somethin tha he is not suppose to do , he can not put a game in protest if the losser team dont doit by themselves. what he did whit Los Rivals was the unfear thin that a pressident of any league can do.

  2. better to be a catcher than a spectator?