Monday, August 11, 2008

8 Men Out Part II

On July 11th 2007, I wrote a classic blog (check it out) about how I played some obscure & meaningless Yorkville softball game with the Loafers on Houston street late at night in the middle of the summer with only 8 players and won.

I joked we were like the 1919 Black Sox scandal

in that we were 8 guys alone playing ball.

Well last Saturday in the softball league only 8 players from the Sox showed up to play a PLAYOFF game.

Let me repeat that only 8 players from the Sox showed up to play a PLAYOFF game.

Playoffs, not exhibition, not Early season, not dog days, as legendary Cots coach Jim Mora would say PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!

That is fucking unbelievable and pathetic.

The 8 guys who were there:

Joe Soto
Ray Ray
Edgar Jr

were left alone to compete.

Luckily we played some bum ass team that should Never even be allowed to compete at the Class A level and won.

Luckily, I guess.

Now at least 5 guys were at a teammates wedding, but the other guys who threw us under the bus were flat out foul.


It gets worse for the Sox this week as we play a loaded Cardinals ball club without our top pitcher Edgar Jr who will be away attending a different wedding. has revived Saturday softball, but unfortunately it hasn't worked out for my teams.

Originally I played on the defending champs Uptown Chiefs run by Guby, when Guby's work schedule changed our team tanked and we became the Sox. That led to a lot of bitch ass whining and politics which made the season even less fun. The Sox played well until losing the last 4 down the stretch which led to last weekend's 8 men playoff game.

What will happen this week?

I never give up but perhaps the softball gods have been telling us something all along.

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  1. Everything happens for a reason Rick!

    Look at the bright side, we WON. Imagine if we would've forfeited or better yet lost!!! You would be more pissed off right now.

    BTW, great photo of the 8 Men Out. Also a very good movie. Academy Award worthy.

    Remember Shoeless Joe Jackson was part of that Sox team....

    As long as we don't have any scandals, we will be fine.

    Plus, we've been dealing with a bad situation from the start. At least we didn't fold and we got our guys to qualify.

    If we do it with 8, so be it.

    Whatever happens from this point on, happens....

    All 8 of us will play this thing pun intended!