Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sure everyone knows the Softball Superstar Celebrities - The John Brown's, the Lou Gonzalez's, the Johnny Castillo, The Elvis's and so forth - their (and other) softball stud reputations are well earned.

But what about those winning player that fly under the radar.
Talented players who most of you don't know about b/c they play in other boroughs or remote locations.

Here is my Top Ten List of Under the Radar Stud Players

10. Chucky Lamantia - Charter Fabric League and Staten Island - this is one fast white boy.
I call him The Flash b/c of his blazing speed.

Looks like a quiet little harmless guy, but when he plays the kid will literally run through a wall for you to win. Dead Pull hitter and an excellent outfielder who can play IF as well. Great Guy.

9. Larry Triollo - Wall Street/ Merrill Lynch - looks like Tony Soprano and is
just as tough as him.

Solid 3rd baseman.
Excellent and True 4-5 Hitter Power.
Not afraid of anyone.
If he is on you team you love him, if he's not you hate him.

8. Nicky Conesco/i - WHO??? - man this Staten Island player is so under the radar that I don't even know the true spelling of his last name. But what I do know is that he is a five tool stud lefty bat. Built like West Legend George Colon, Nicky can also serve as a sling pitcher.
This big little man is amazing in the field and at the plate.
Beautiful short compact power stroke makes him an impact bat in any lineup.

7. Enrique Perdomo - Actually is a Central Park legend. Excellent approach at the plate - can hit the ball with authority to all fields. The guy is in his 50's but defensively plays the field very intelligently. More importantly, as a pitcher has an absolutely filthy knuckle ball. Throws it hard, soft, medium speed, breaks in, out, up, and down and does not tip his pitches or pitch sequence. Unfortunately, does not like to play league games anymore.
It's a shame he's excellent and one of my favorites. I highly respect him.

6. Carlos Castro - Mariners Colgate - will only be 21 later this year.
He's not under the radar anymore as he plays everywhere.
I already have him listed as one of my favorite shortstops (see Classic Shortstop ranking blog)
Off the chart ability - speed, arm, power, instinct, bat speed, pitch recognition.
Should be playing baseball.
The type of player you build your team around.

5. Pito Rifokol - Plays close to home in the Bronx in goon 259th street league for the Maniacs. One of my all time favorite players/persons I've come across in softball.
Original Inwood player and Inwood Hall of Famer.
Is a 5 Tool player and extremely intelligent.
Only downside is that he listens to R&B music all the time, outside of R Kelly adventures I don't follow R&B much

4. Edgar Gonzalez Jr.

Edgar is definitely not under the radar b/c of lack of ability or exposure.
He has been playing NYC softball for years, but has cut back the amount of time he plays the last few years for different reasons.

His talent and ability as a pitcher is unquestionable.
He effectively changes speeds, throws a very good riser, has excellent speed/movement, highly intelligent, and has won numerous championships.
To top it off he is 100% Legal.

When I 1st started playing modified softball I think it took me like 3 years to finally get a clean hit against him.

When he is focused and committed he is a tremendous asset for any ball club.

3. Stevie Rodriguez - Highlanders/Sox/Broadway Stars/Tianos -
Stevie is a beast.
Not scared of anyone or anything.
The Man is indestructible, softball's version of Wolverine

He broke his wrist one season and came back to help lead the Highlanders to the 2005 Championship.

He is not exactly under the radar, but I threw him on the list b/c he isn't talked about as much as he should be. The guy has power and plays everywhere at a A+ level.

2. Alex Vasquez - Hurricanes/Merrill Lynch - My #1 Rated NYC Softball Shortstop
Incredible Raw Power.
The harder a pitcher throws the farther he hits it.
His quick hands and balance are the key to his power.
As a shortstop the man is simply Professional!!!
It's amazing to watch him play.

and the Number One Under the Radar Stud Players

1. Ray Ray - Sox Central Park
Such a good player we say his 1st name twice.
When I 1st saw this guy I thought he's OK.
But the more I see of him the more I believe.
Cleanup Hitter Raw Power.
Excellent Second Baseman and can fill in at other positions adequately as well.
Very smart player whose head is always in the game and works very well with his teammates.
A True Keeper.

Honorable Mention
The Other Lou Gonzalez from the Cardinals
- best drunk hitter in all of softball - sorry Aaron your 2nd
Issac "Gubi" Delgado - will never be under the radar b/c he likes to tell everyone how good he is

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  1. sweet...i'm glad i made your mid-season all-start team. now the question remains, will i have a team to play on next year now that working class is in turmoil. only time will tell...

    matt 'white chocolate' wasowski (a.k.a. the man with the Polish peashooters)