Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WHY SO MUCH RAIN!?!?!?!?!?

Rain outs are part of the game.

I can deal with them, heck at some point most players/teams "pray for rain" for one reason or another. But this year has been fucking horrible.

Not only has it rained like almost everyday, it rains driving to the game, or minutes before a game begins, or during games, or between games, it just rains.


One of the worse rain out I experienced was tonight when 2 hours before game time it rained enough to cancel the game, then when the game was postponed it all of a sudden got nice outside. damn

I'm fucking sick of it.

Top Ten Reasons it Rained so much this year

10. Rain goes perfectly with the recession, high gas prices, the real estate market crash and not to mention unemployment ( which I am still part of ).

9. Prevent me from coming up with new blog topics - OK that's a positive

8. George Bush - I don't know why I wrote that I just felt like blaming that moron again.

7. Softball Gods why have you forsaken us?!?!?!?!?!
We must sacrifice something to get the SB Gods back on our side.
Perhaps a commissioner .. maybe CJ??? from EMS


hmmm . nah I'll pass, I don't like EMS but CJ can live.

6. Softball Gods testing to see which commissioners has the fairest and smartest remake schedule skills or at least the best schedule software to account for all the rain outs.
5. Patience is a Virtue - nice saying made up that is basically telling you to stop complaining - 3rd best corny cliche I can think of that applies to all this Rain
4. Life a Bitch and then you Die - 2nd best corny cliche I can think of that applies to all this Rain
3. Everything Happens for Reason - best corny cliche I can think of that applies to all this Rain
2. Global Warming - OK now I'm really stretching to get 10 items, I'm just stalling for number 1 and .....

and the #1 Reasons it Rained so much this year

1. Make the dry (hopefully) Fall season off the hook. is coming soon plus a spin off Saturday CO-Ed league.
I know shameless plug, but all this rain has left me no choice


  1. You do great work. I always look forward to reading your work.


  2. Much better Rick, but this season has been a B-tch w/ Rain. Les Cha Ching...not good.