Monday, July 28, 2008


The dog days of summer have arrived for all ball players.

When I say dog days I don't mean take your pooch ( like my dog Jazzi below)

to the park, I mean the HOT Miserable Days of summer that lie just before the playoffs.

The days where it's hard to get motivated to play.
The days were it's freaking 150% humidity.
The days were your injuries hurt more and more as each days passes.
The days where your wife/girl give you shit for playing ball.
The days where other players don't show up and you have to do more.
The days were your friends/ family are off having fun at the beach, barbecues,etc while your playing.
The days were you don't actually mind a rain out ( Pray for rain)
The days where you don't mind playing 1B or Dhing.

The Dog Days wear you down man.
I consider myself I softball warrior, but I feel it.
More this year than any other year.
Throw in a slump, a losing streak, a bad economy, a bump and a bruise and you feel it more and more.

It's a battle of attrition.

Rest at this time of your is more important than ever.

Sometimes less is more.

Especially the older you get.

But what is the right balance between rest and hard work.

How much do you push yourself?

That's such a hard personal question.

Only you know.
Only you care.
Only you can decide.

Being mentally tough now is crucial as you can't quit on yourself no matter
how much you struggle or hurt.


The playoffs are coming.


  1. You mean the playoffs are HERE!!!

    Will the real slim shaddy please stand up, please stand up, please stand up!!!

  2. Oh yeah, for the record...........

    Castillo qualified for the playoffs.

  3. Jazzi is one good looking dog.


  4. Ric that is not your dog. liar you hate animals.