Friday, May 9, 2008

The Worst Word in Softball

QUALIFY - is by far the worst word in SOFTBALL

Top Ten Reasons QUALIFY is the worst word in Softball

10. It means just get your best players/pitchers to make the minimum number of games so that they can participate in the PLAYOFFS. In other, sneak them on your roster. Shiesty
9. So much for being loyal to your regulars. mangers sneak studs on their teams, and then diss guys that show up and play hard all the time. We've all done it, and to be honest it sucks. Managers want to win, players want to win, and some good loyal guy suffers.
8. Guys skips weeks all the team b/c the only want "to Qualify", putting a manager in a forfeit avoid crisis mode every week. This leads to losing games you would otherwise win.
7. Terrible for a team concepts. Makes it more about the individual and is selfish
6. Plays into the hand of mercenary players who don't show up so there team can miss their presence and they can extort money and attention from management.
5. Makes regular season games meaningless at times.
4. Lowers the overall competitive nature of a league.
3. Guys play one inning or get one at bat so they can qualify and then leave games to go play elsewhere. I've done this to sneak guys on my roster, and it usually ends up back firing on me. The softball gods frown on this type of shiestyness.
2. It's petty and and leads to a lot of bitch ass arguments.

and the Number One Reason QUALIFY is the worst word in Softball

1. What the fuck!?!?!
Are you down or what?? Leave fear of commitment to your girlfriend or Mistress.
Where is the softball love and loyalty!!!!!!!!!!???????

P.S. The only exception to hating on the word Qualify is that if someone misses time
due to work, family emergency, or injury. Otherwise this word is a joke and sucks

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