Saturday, May 10, 2008

CASTILLO - Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Didn't think I had the balls to write this blog eh?

Your half right. I do and I don't

One of the Greatest and most Controversial players in all of softball Johnny Castillo (kneeling in the bottom left corner during happier times in the 2006 Knockout Inwood Championship celebration) has yet to make his 2008 softball debut.

Castillo has not played this season due to personal reasons which should be respected.

This isn't the computer game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

This is real life.

This is his business and no one Else's.

What frustrates me most about this is that everyone in the world of softball keeps asking me about him.

The answer is I do not know any more thank you do and please do not ask me anymore.

On a lighter note this issue demands a Top ten

Top Ten Reasons Why everyone asks Rick about Castillo

10. C'mon Rick stop fronting tell us some dirt like Courtney Cox does on the FX TV show called Dirt Magazine

9. They need stud hitting Castillo's bat and pitching back in my lineup
8. They genuinely care about John and miss him
7. They hate John and miss hating on him, Love to Hate
6. Everyone knows Rick misses playing with Castillo. They say "you know your Castillo's bitch"
Castillo has gotten me on numerous teams, the relationship is kind of like Ike and Tina Turner, Rick keeps going back.
5. They read and think this is Dirt Magazine ( see above) - sorry dude, like the NY times says we print only "all the softball news that's fit to print". even though we add some cursing, politically incorrect statements and porn references at times for fun
4. The economy is bad, we are at war, The presidential election is coming, all those topics are not as interesting as the softball life and times of Castillo
3. Love him or hate him, softball without Castillo isn't quite the same - people want him back
2. John owes them money and they want to collect

and the Number One Reasons Why everyone asks Rick about Castillo

1. Rick has a big mouth



  1. Mr. Castillo is like a superhero, folk take and knumbnutt all rolled in one. I met him and 1998 and he's always exhibited exceptional enthusiasm. Things have changed recently as they do for everyone and he's missed.

    As the commissioner of the Central Park Softball League I must say that he is desperately missed. In 2007 Castillo reached out to everyone in the league with encouraging words as a teammate and as their opponent.

    Castillo, I hope your are going to read this,....... Get off your @ss and start coming down! You are missed!


  2. ricky, you know where johnny is but i guess you just don't want to believe him. stop telling everyone you don't know. he has cancer, and he is in the DR getting treated. it's a fact. there is no gossip to talk about. if you really cared you would leave your idiotic list out of this and be a friend. this is not a joke and this not about you!

  3. Who gives a shit?

  4. All I know is that I miss hanging with Johnny. He is a good guy who happens to the best softball hitter I have ever had the pleasure to see. Unlike many other "superstar" players Johnny judges people by who they are rather than how far they can hit a softball. And as many of us have recently dascovered, Johnny has a very creative side that translates into the beautiful pictures he paints. Johnny, get well soon. We miss you.

    Jim B.

  5. Johnny, get well.
    We do miss you.

  6. Hey Rick, shut your cock hoster. Johnny if you're indeed sick get well soon if not FU and put your cock back in Rick's hoster.