Friday, May 23, 2008


When you hear the word Siberia you don't exactly think hot vacation spot or beauty.
Even though Miss. Siberia "Masha" ain't bad -

But let's be honest, when you hear Siberia you know it's a cold, brutal, miserable , and horrible place. - it ain't fun - the Marsha's of the wold don't spend too much time there.

a big Arctic wasteland where people are sent as punishment for behaving badly or against the norms of society.

Real Siberia

Softball's version of Siberia is DeWitt Clinton Park AKA 54th Street

These pictures don't do justice to how bad this field actually is.

Field of Nightmares

The playing conditions (if you want to call them that) are deplorable.

This field has been called Iraq, Normandy Beach, Ground Zero, and my favorite

'Donde Caja la Vaca ' ( means where the Cows shit).

The place is a dump.

It's softball hell.

When you play here you've been sent to softball's Siberia.

Top Ten Reasons you end up playing in 54th Street

10. No hay nada mas - there are no other games going on out there.
All other field are closed and you want to get your softball swerve on. It's like the club or bar at 3AM you take whatever girl you can get. This happens during November fall ball season when not much else is going on.

9. You play for free on a team, like Charter Fabric - convenient

8. Softball gods are punishing you - Softball version of the minor leagues Bull Durham

7. YORKVILLE SOFTBALL!!! - Al Morales runs most of his games there and his motto is "who cares if you break a leg just pay me my league fee, it's the city's fault"

6. You want to improve your vision b/c the lights don't usually all work as well. Nothing like batting against Cueves, Brown, or Cedric in a dark corner.

5. Working on your agility, nothing like dodging players from 3 different games on a horrible crater filled field to improve your footwork. As an extra agility drill, you enjoy dodging pit bulls left off their leash by owners

4. Field sucks but you like going to dive 11th avenue bars after the games b/c some 18 year old bartender girl in a provocative outfit escorted by a Mexican bus boy bodyguard give you a free beer pass. - ghetto

3. Your commissioner forces you to play there - hmmmm

2. Enjoy getting cheap hits and home runs thanks to the horrible fielding, lighting conditions - inflate your statistics

and the #1 Reasons you end up playing in 54th Street

1. Your a softball whore and can't resist - like the moth to flame

PS NY needs to make this field turf with dirt infield cut outs around the bases and better lights as soon as possible - if the next Mayor promises that he has my vote

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