Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The rumors are true, Softball's version of Microsoft, The HighLanders, have purchased softball's version of Yahoo, The Uptown Chiefs ( stupid name).

Shockingly The Chiefs were the 2007 Champions and currently sport a nifty 6-1 record while boasting a pitching staff of Edgar Jr., Gilberto and Cedric.

The softball Mogul behind this shocking takeover is HighLander manager and Ozzie Guillen lookalike Dio Jackson

Much like legendary revolutionary and dictator Fidel Castro,

Dio has a revolutionary background and a love for baseball/softball.

Like Fidel if Dio can't have Freedom, then he will settle for Power.

As the exalted leader of HIGHLANDER NATION,

Dio has led the Highlanders from a rags to riches softball success story.

Now with this new venture called The Sox, named after Ozzie's team, Dio looks to win on NYC biggest and highest profile stage.

Dio stated "I am now the Face of the Franchise,

my Highlanders are here and ready to go!!!!!"

Upon hearing the news many current and former Chief players fled for safer territory

Former Uptown Chiefs CEO Issac "Gubi" Delgado was called to comment on this story but when he picked up his cellphone while driving the police gave him a ticket and his car was impounded.

Former interim manager and GM RR stated "In order to keep our team alive this was the best move for everyone involved".

2007 Uptown Chief MVP Johnny Castillo could not be reached for this story.

Good Luck Dio


  1. Dio is just another bum, just like Rick. It's great to see two of the biggest scrubs on the same team.

  2. Team should be called the "dirty Sox'

  3. The team name should be. THE BACK STABBERS.

  4. Uptown Chiefs or Highlanders, they still suck. Dio bought in a bunch of losers and he sucks as a manager.