Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I just started a new "consulting job".
Hey it's a beginning to getting my real life career going again. It's better than watching Oprah.
Funny thing is I've been a Softball Consultant before so why not compare

Top Ten Comparison between a Real Life Work Consultant and a Softball Consultant

10. CHEAP LABOR - both are actually great sources of cheap labor - kind of like going to Home Depot and picking up a Mexican for construction work. Edge : Tie

9. MEDICAL BENEFITS - In the real world, you don't get any medical benefits. In softball, the manager or coach buys you beers and food. Edge Softball

8. Pay: In real life at least it's a paycheck. Softball Consultant gets Nada. Edge Real World

7. Insulation - As a real world consultant if something goes wrong they blame the boss.
In softball, if something goes wrong they blame the manager b/c your advice is behind the scenes. Edge : Softball

6. Low Job Security - In the real world at the 1st sign of trouble your gone.
In softball when things go wrong b/c of bad advice you gave they make you the bullpen catcher or 1st base coach. Edge : Real World - 1st base coach and bullpen catcher positions suck

5. Work Atmosphere - As a consultant your always considered "an other". Not quite an employee. As a softball consultant you usually part of the action. Edge Softball

4. Hours : Some consultants work slave hours, some work flexible hours so this is hard to gauge. In softball a consultant is on DEMAND - he has to be ready to take a phone call, write an email, or handle an issue at any time. Edge : Real World b/c at least you know what your getting into

3. Tax Impact: In the real world consultants write off all their expenses. Softball consultants generate no income so they get no tax benefit. Edge : Real World

2. Drinking : Consultants can't drink or smoke on the job. Softball consultants can.
Edge : Softball

1. Politics : Consultants just do their job and go home. Office politics are less of a factor. In softball, many decisions are political and many times a consultant has to put his friendship on the line. Edge : Real World

Final BreakDown:
Real World 5
Softball 4

Wow it's good to know that the real world is actually more important at something

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