Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Apple Central Park vs. Colgate - Hillary Clinton is the difference

On my new team West a lot of the guys play in 2 leagues on Sunday - Big Apple Central Park and Colgate in the Bronx

Let's compare

10. Fields - not even close - Central park fields are amazing.
In Colgate you have to be careful not fall on a syringe when you dive for a ball
Edge : Big Apple
9. Competition - Big Apple league is very competitive, but the Colgate league simply has more hitters overall.
Edge : Colgate - closer than you think though especially at the top
8. Umpires - Big Apple umps are stubborn, close minded and clueless. Colgate umps deal with a lot of pressure and abuse. It's just hard to get good umps so we'll call this a tie.
Edge : Tie
7. Ball - A very underrated aspect in any league is the type of ball used. Some softballs like Clincher Gold's or corkers that are live and travel like rockets. I'm a big fan of these two types of softballs. Unfortunately, both leagues uses the regular clincher - no edge
Edge: Tie
6. Pitching Style : No league is pefect, but for the most part Colgate does a better job of enforcing modified pitching rules. In the Big Apple modified pitching rules no longer apply.
Edge : Colgate
5. Fans - Colgate has more hardcore fans, but central park has tourist who take pictures.
Edge : Central Park - close though
4. Food - not even close. Colgate has rice, beans, meat, beer - excellent. Zagatt's rated 4 stars by Edgar Jr. and we all know he's an expert on food. Central Park has Panama selling 3 coronas for ten dollars and stale pretzels and nasty hot dogs that give you the runs, and I don't mean runs around the bases.
Edge : Colgate
3. Money - Colgate is a money league. The Big is not
Edge: Big Apple - I like the fact that a lot of good players play for prestige, bragging rights, and competition. Like the real world, money ruins things.
2. Three Outfielders vs. Four Outfielders. Colgate uses 3, Big Apple uses 4.
Edge: Tie - this is a just a matter of choice. Whatever floats your boat
1. Weirdos. If your a dentist and are looking for clientele go to Colgate, a lot of the fans have no teeth. Lots of characters out there.
In Central Park, players often say "only in NY" with the things we see. For example, today a man and a woman dressed up as Hillary and Bill Clinton and ran around the bases and slid at home. I cannot make that up - only in NY.
Edge: Central Park

Final Tally
Ties 3
Colgate 3
Big Apple 4

Wow that' close. It could easily have gone the other way.

P.S. I hope Obama shows up next week


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