Friday, January 4, 2008


I just" got laid off.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Yeah it fucking sucks.

In all my new blog notifications I always write "Checkout" b/c it's more than just a game".

Kind of Ironic huh?

Anyway, only my sick twisted mind could associate getting laid off with Softball.

I need therapy right now so why not Blog when you have 10-14 hours extra a day to kill.

Top Ten Ways Softball and Getting Laid off are related

10. Getting laid off is like getting thrown off a team you've been on for years.
In business, you give your job your heart, soul, blood, sweat, & tears and they just cut you to cut costs and take the fall for the mistakes they've made.
In softball, the pain is worse, your manager lets you go for some new stud. Whats worse its like they don't even remember all the personal sacrifices you've made over the years and the good times.

9. What goes around comes around in both. It's a small world. Karma baby

8. Career Advancement
The second you get laid off at work you try and find a better job with more money & benefits.
Same idea in softball, you want to play on a new team with a chance to win and earn playing time.

7. Recruitment
When you get laid off in business you call recruiters to get the career search going and use their connections.
In Softball, when you want a new team to get a fresh start you call your softball connections to land a new gig.
P.S. Never trust recruiters - they will tell you anything to place you
P.S.S. Never trust people who use their so called friend, who just happens to be a stud player, as a way of getting on a team. Shows low character.

6. THE MAN runs corporate America. The umpire runs a softball game.
Never trust either one.

5. Both involve Politics. In other words, their is mad bullshit behind the scenes that you have no control over. In business you hate to see someone keep their job who deserves to be fired. Same idea in softball.

4. SOFTBALL AND UNEMPLOYMENT can actually be a good marriage if certain things are in place. For example, if it's nice summer weather, you have plenty of savings & low bills. If this is true, not working will help you rest, improve your game, reduce stress, and let you get high and drunk during games without worrying about waking up early for work in the morning.

3. When yo get laid off from work in the real world you stress and worry.
In softball, if your in a slump or on a losing streak you stress and worry.

2. To get a new job you have to sell yourself.
You need a resume that shows an employer what skills you bring to the table.
In softball, your past performance, reputation, ability to play numerous positions, experience, and game statistics are your resume and selling points.

and the #1 Way Ways Softball and Getting Laid off are related

1. Faith and Hustle. To get a new job and play softball you need both to succeed

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  1. Rick, hang tough bro! You will be a fine addition to a company. You are so right. They made these mistakes and now you have to pay for them? That's bull!!!!