Saturday, January 26, 2008


Why do I post Classic SBI blogs?

Hell why do I write new ones much less re-post old ones.

Inquiring Top Ten Minds must ask "Why Classic blogs"

Top Ten Reasons I re-post old (Classic) Softball Insider Blogs

10. No reason I'm just weird like that
9. My mind is caught up in one repetitive recursive loop and I can't help it
8. I've watched one to many 1986 Met Highlight Video and get caught up in the corny nostalgia
7. "Those that forget their softball/baseball past are doomed to repeat it." Winston Churchill, Yogi, Blonde, or Casey Stengel said that
6. Writer's block - obviously
5. Unemployed people like me start losing their creativity after a while. Need to rehash old shit
4. Helps rekindle the softball vibe inside of me
3. Loser
2. I've love them and I am proud of some of my best work - Rosenfishing blog, Stripper's blog, Zagat softball review blog - warped but full of fun and fond memories

and the Number one Reasons I re-post old (Classic) Softball Insider Blogs

1. No one read the blog the first time around, so maybe posting it again will get it viewed. In other words, just another pathetic attempt for attention by.

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