Sunday, January 6, 2008

Politically Incorrect

One of the hardest things about forming a new team is selecting a team name that fits the identity of the ball club. I've played on a lot of teams with bad names ( subject for another blog).
Some people put a lot of thought and pride into selecting a team name and that's cool , whatever floats your boat I guess. But being the unemployed "way too much time on my hands" sick person that I am I started thinking about Politically incorrect teams so .....

Top Ten Politically Incorrect Softball Names that I've seen, heard of , or thought about

10. Doggie Style - What pervert wouldn't love this name?
9. Natural Born Killers - ghetto. not to mention a wack movie
8. Phillie's Blunt - This was a great team. What chronic could hate that name?
7. KKK - just wrong but under freedom of speech would be allowed
6. GoodFellas - great team. 1/2 the roster made a cameo on the Sopranos. Unfortunately reinforced a stereotype. Lot's of goons and scary individuals
5. Carpet Munchers - girl's softball team
4. Uptown Chiefs - no native Americans played on this team b/c they own most of the casinos around the USA.
3. Bootie Smackers - I like the name, but these guys are major goons, use illegal pitching, and mostly suck.
2. Bottom's Up - Gay league - like I said whatever floats your boat

and the #1 Politically Incorrect Softball Names that I've seen, heard of , or thought about

1. Pimps and Hoes - not a bad co-ed team name. More of a fantasy than anything else

Honorary Mention
Drunk and High - good team. Not a bad way to go through life
Contact - great team that had nothing to do with weed
Sin City - sponsored by strip club in the Bronx. I used to try and go to see their games in EMS

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