Friday, January 25, 2008

Mr. February & an SBI classic

Some players care called Mr. October (Reggie Jackson) or Mr. November (Jeter) because they rise to the occasion in the post season during these months.
These are proud nicknames and tags.

While other players are called Mr. May or April (Dave Windfield and Alex Rodriguez) b/c their production comes early in the year when their is little pressure and then they suffer some sort of post season failure. Obviously, these compliments are back handed in nature.

But what about if your called Mr. February (Rick?)?
Man that's a diss. It's like saying your only good in practice.
No softball is played in February. Check that rarely is softball played in February. Jimmy Bitros and los locos could sneak out on a 50+ degree day.

Why the hell am I bringing this up?
It' still January for Christ sake
Well I had nothing better to do and I came across an old blog that is right up Mr. February' s alley.

In February most people either hit inside a batting cage or throw inside a cage, and judging someone from these indoor activities can be misleading. It's only practice.

Anyway Enjoy the classic below (by the way a Top Ten on why I post classic blogs will be a future topic)

Originally posted April 2007

In my warped mind I stated thinking how similar the batting cages and strip clubs really are :

Top Ten Reasons Why the Batting Cages and Strip Clubs are similar

10. They're both a waste of money
9. They have their own currency - the batting cages uses tokens, strip clubs use funny money
8. They both serve as a means to release stress and other things
7. Both give you fake confidence - You think your the man when you walk out
6. Both are only an illusion that doesn't really compare to the real thing - especially implants
5. Both are usually run down dumps held together by a few loyal sucker patrons
4. A lot of lying goes on - People at the cage tell you you have a good swing and can still play - strippers tell you your good looking and sweet - both tell you what you want to hear
3. Mostly men hang out in both establishments
2 Most female patrons that hang out in these establishments are Lesbians

and the Number One Reasons Why the Batting Cages and Strip Clubs are similar

1. In the long run neither place makes you any better but you get some short term satisfaction

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