Friday, January 18, 2008

B!TC% Betta Have my Money!!!!!!!!

In baseball, the winter meetings are the time in the off sesson when teams get together to trade for or sign new ball players. Sometimes a lot gets down, sometimes ground work for futures deals happen, somethimes general managers do nothing but get drunk and get lap dances.

In softball, leagues have "meetings" as well during the winter.

Top Ten things that happen during a softball leagues Winter Meetings

10. Beer and a lot of food that is really bad for you
9. Trash talking.
8. Nothing - waste of time
7. Managers promise not to "poach other team players"
6. Lying about #7- most stud players have been called by other managers before their Happy new year hangover has passsed. Recruitement is usually cut throat in softball
5. Obscure rules are argued over. In fact much to do is made about nothing usually.
4. Power struggles
3. Talk about last year and last years problems - and in the end nothing gets done.
2. People don't vote to make things better, they vote to make things better for their team - Selfish behavior > Competitive balance

and the #1 things that happen during a softball leagues Winter Meetings

1. All commissioners are like the old skool rap group AMG,
"BITCH Better Have my Money!!!!!!!!" - managers are told how much to pay and by when. Anything else is unacceptable!!!! In most leagues, before opening day one must pay!!!!!

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