Saturday, April 19, 2014

No Choice?

Yes I signed with Choice Parts:

The aftermath is simple so let's get to it:
  1. Am I sellout? - No - more on this below
  2. Am I a softball whore - Yes
  3. Do I feel like a hypocrite? - No. But I felt uncomfortable and sad last Sunday. That's over
  4. Did I want to play or at least get an opportunity? - Yes
  5. Do I love the Big Apple League? - Yes
  6. Did I try to go elsewhere first? - Yes. Passive aggressively yes, but yes nonetheless
  7. Was I conflicted - Yes
  8. Am I being used? - Yes
  9. Am I championship hunting? No
  10. Most importantly, is this the right move? Yes
I didn't sell out, the reality in 2014 is that there are only 6 teams in the league and Choice Parts was the only one that asked me. Let's be honest Choice Parts doesn't need Rick the player. They need:
  • Forfeit Avoiders for a long season. All their studs can't come week in week out.
  • Recruiting Help.
 I wonder what Castillo would say, no I don't. He would endorse it. He understood

Ironically, the one thing with Parts is that they are honest. It's all about winning. Everything is out on the table from the very beginning. I will at some point get some playing time and then it's up to me to be solid and help the team. That's called opportunity, something that was limited in 2014, and that's why this is the right move for me.

Since I was signed several people have been kind and offered me opportunities as well. Thank you, but I've given my word and I guess it is true, that if you don't die a hero you will live long enough to become a softball villain.

I want to know what you think. I've attached a simple poll to vote on. I may have had no choice but you have two. Holler Back.


  1. Welcome aboard. Good choice. Fun team.

  2. you made all the right moves

  3. Johnny Damon and Kevin Youkelis moved from the Sox to the Yanks when it was the right move for them... certainly no reason why you need to apologize...

  4. You did the right thing.

    We move on and if your heart is where you left it I am sure life, through its ways, will take you were your heart is.


  5. Lets Get this Chip Rick! who da F@%K cares what all the haters think! ANG HK 11.

  6. After bad mouthing CP,JB and Rosenmiller year after year, yes I say you're a hypcrite.

  7. Y'all are all idiots.

  8. Choice Parts vs Radio Free this Sunday

  9. You all finally ruined the league. 6 teams dropped out! Congratulations. Way to kill a NY institution.

  10. when u say you all, i hope your referring to the so called committee members who couldn't or wouldn't say NO to the other committee members who started bringing the suspect pitchers into the league. when noone said no to committee member jimmy bitros for bringing armando, or when noone said nothing to committee member nick ross for bringing in rocca.. well what did you expect to happen next. Langer showed up, Ramish showed up.empire went out and got a slinger. miranda showed up on parts. and west started pitching carlos.lets make sure we place the blame where it belongs. On the so called committee and the leadership of the league who for reasons selfish or just weakness couldnt or wouldnt say no to these guys!!!

  11. and if your argument is well john brown is illegal.why should he be able to pitch in the league. well why did contact win 11 yrs in a row when jb was active in the league when cedric was in the league. jb wasnt winning chips and neither was choice parts until they picked up Vick and Eric Z. they got better around jb and they became champs. the other teams should take the example and build there teams and recruit better .not go out and get mercenary pitchers.

  12. oh and i forgot parker and terry on the bombers , two more guys who showed up after mr bitros and ross brought thier guys in.

  13. F@$K Castillo!!!

  14. Well said. Whoever wrote that a few above.

  15. Stop crying all you so call great softball player, i want to face the best know matter who it is, the weak players only can hit slow pitchers, bring on JB Rock and how ever .

  16. it was me of course ANGHK 11!!!

  17. Y DAS IT CONYO!!!! LMAO!!!!!