Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You Either Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become the Villain

Not another Blog based on a corny Superhero "Batman" quote?

I mean wasn't the classic blog

I say no, I'm too much of a geek to let a good superhero quote go.

Anything said that turns into a quote is because it is based on elements that ring true in your life. Even if it is a sad truth like "You Either Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become the Villain".

And as much as I hate to admit it this quote is so true in softball

Top Ten Reasons "You Either Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become the Villain" in Softball

10. Compensation.
I remember back in the day feeling shocked and appalled when I heard rumors that certain players where paid to play. I must have said a million times "I will never pay anyone". But the reality is that innocence is long gone.One way another, players are paid. Either through money, favors, drugs, liquor, rides, or providing shelter certain players that you think can get you over the top are compensated. I've done it. I know others have done it as well. Is it wrong ? Or is it doing what it takes to win/compete? Either way, it does shows one's moral progression/regression. You have now become to some degree, no matter which way you justify it, what you once despised.

9. Using Wringers
Virtually every team sneaks a player or pitcher in their roster at playoff time. Sometimes its by hook or by crook, but in the lust to win circumventing fair play and honesty for a chance to win goes out the window. You know its cheating, but you do it anyway b/c the competition if given the chance will do the same.

8. Loyalty
This goes hand in hand with #9. The solid player who shows up week in week out rain, sleet, hail, snow and pays his umps fees, and shows up early to practices before games is most likely the number one guy you bench in the playoffs to sneak a stud on your roster. Deep down you know you lose a little bit of your soul with this one.

7. The Circle of Life
I remember when West first came to Inwood.
They were great. They won the league their first four years. They had everything. Power. Pitching. Defense, a good manager and vicious Hecklers.
I hated them. Castillo hated them. All we wanted to do was beat them. Until we joined with the Highlanders we couldn't.
Back then I never thought I could play with them let alone be friends.
Nowadays I love John Sheppard, play on West, and have pretty much become the General Manager for the team. I now play on the Team I hated. I think this is so cool. It shows how I have evolved past ignorance hate and jealousy and made new friends. I am a better man for it.

6. Spoiled Sponsorship
Back in the day, everyone was down to chip in and pay their share of the league fee and fancy expensive uniform costs. It wasn't even an issue. Nowadays forget it. Everyone is looking for a free ride. I know this is part economic, but in reality most winning teams receive some sort of sponsorship or some rich guy foots the bill. I've been spoiled lately and been able to play mostly for free. A lot of guys have. So when your asked to pay the league fee, say $100, you finding it shocking and appalling. We've transformed from free spender to a softball Ebeneezer Scrooge over time.

5. Hypocrisy
You tell yourself you will never play with a certain guy again.
But you do anyway. Why? B/C your a softball whore who wants to win. So you have to deal with some asshole's shenanigans that ruins your softball escape from reality all b/c you want to win. You call him. Pick him up. Pretend to like him. Pretend to be interested in what he says. It's like when you were young and did anything to try and fuck that pretty girl who besides being fine was annoying and uninteresting. You are not being true to yourself. Their does come a point when even if you win you lose. Usually you lose self respect for yourself. These are High risk High reward actions, that mostly backfire.

4. Close Mindedness
Recently a couple of kids have reached out to me looking for a team to play on. My first reaction is that they will probably suck or will just not fit in. While I may be right, all these guys want is a shot. The big problem when running a team is finding the time to try new guys out. You don't want to be put in the awkward situation of telling someone their is no vacancy/room for them at the softball inn. If your not referred by a stud player with a good recruiting background it's tough to trust someone new that shows up out of the blue. In some ways that makes me sad, b/c I remember when I was horrible and some light skin Cuban guy taught me how to play. Player development is hard nowadays b/c of the pressure to win. That bothers me

3. Blogging
The opinions expressed in this blog aren't always the most popular. They are stubborn, obnoxious, loud, controversial ... just like me. But they are never boring or lack inspiration. Sometimes it frustrates me when no positive change happens and I feel like I am blogging/talking to the wind. Some people say I have too much time on my hands, others applaud my efforts. My blogs make me a villain to some and a cult Hero to others, I guess it all depends on how you view illegal pitching :)))))))

2. The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
When you win everyone comes gunning for you. They love to Hate you. They want to beat you. Becoming a Champion makes you a villain.

and the Number One Reason "You Either Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become the Villain" in Softball

1.People Never really Misses You Until your Dead or Gone
If you run a league, umpire with honor, or play on successful teams, at some point you will probably piss someone off. You will suspend a key player, call a rain out too early, make a bad call, strikeout in a key spot. Shit happens!!!!! But when the day comes that the league folds or you stop playing that's when people really know how Super you really are.
Ironic huh?

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