Saturday, April 26, 2014

No Rhyme or Reason for Nuthin #3 .. .. Crying American Softball Warrior

Do you Remember the classic crying American Indian Warrior commercial from the 70s
Old school.

He loved his land. It hurt him to see it disrespected. He cried to see it polluted.

I am A96 and I used to pollute, but hat was a long time ago. I evolved and learned.

Nowadays pollution disgusts me especially in our beautiful parks.

In the pictures below my dark shadow below casts an ominous darkness over the pollution I discovered in a park last Monday.

These pictures weren't taken A96, they were taken on the Great Lawn Monday Night April 21st, 2015.


You See Pollution isn't only a A96 thing.

It's Unacceptable

Enough to make a grown Softball Warrior Cry.

Have some respect for our awesome Fields people. Don't pollute and if you see someone messing up our wonderful adult playground let them now that's it's unacceptable. We don't wanna play in garbage or have our permits revoked.

Pollution is literally foul. So Stop It

Hate to see a grown man cry.


  1. Its the Hippsters that lay on blankets and play frisbee.

  2. REALLY??? ang hk11!

  3. I'm crying at how corruption polluted the BASL. And crying about how much the league sucks now. NOT ang hk11!

  4. The league doesn't suck. Its more competitive now. Wish all those teams didnt have to drop out but now there are no softspots in the schedule its gonna be a very balanced league noone running away with this league. historically bad teams like bombers,revolution join other historically bad teams skins and working class on the scrap heap because they didnt improve, and they lost key guys. Like i said in another blog entry look no further than rangers and bro jimmy's managers as far as the corruption goes, they brought the illegal pitchers into the league because they couldnt beat JB. and they wanted to win that way instead of stacking they're teams with hitters capable of beating JB. and whenever the subject of pitching came up these managers stuck they're heads in the sand because they knew the can of worms they opened up.. its time for new leadership in the Big Apple league!!

  5. and the irony of all is that there is no more brother jimmy's and armando left the rangers for the cardinals for the exact reason i said earlier they didnt have enough hitters to contend and they had the nerve to let they're best hitter go and win a chip with radio free! IRONY!!!!

    1. well he didnt win but he played in the chip with radio.