Friday, February 14, 2014

No Rhyme or Reason for Nuthin #7 ... Too Much Pressure as "It's not you it's Me"

You ever been on the giving or receiving end of the classic relationship ending line?
 "It's Not You It's Me".

I've been on both sides of it and what it really means is :
"It's Not Me, It's Really All You"

It's a nice,soft,gentle, and polite way of telling someone your involved with that you want to fuck someone else and that your life would be so much better if they weren't around anymore. I know this break up line is something you would expect in a Seinfeld rerun

or some horrible predictable corny chick flick Romantic Comedy
 instead of a softball blog.  Normally, I would agree, but last week I was given a Softball version of the "It's Not You It's Me" breakup line by The Bum Rush League? 

Huh?????   If I was getting dumped by the Softball Version of Sophie Vergara

I would understand, but The Bum Rush League?

Hold on let me explain. I love this league b/c :
  • It's true modified
  • Its early on Sunday mornings
  • Competition is balanced and improved. 
  • Great Fields
  • Affordable 
  • Solid Officiating
  • I have many Friends, Enemies, and Frien-Enemy's in the league.Rivalries
  • I've played in it for 6 years and in that time I have made four championships, finished last, and won three titles. Very good times.
  • Most importantly, it is so much fun.
This league used to be looked at as inferior, but that has changed. Now it's looked at as fun and an alternative to the dysfunction in the afternoon..The only problem with this league now is that it's a classic No Country for Old Men production. They rarely adapt and never expand. Same six teams year after year. This league is ready for expansion b/c
  1. All the "love reasons" listed above. People want Fun and no Drama
  2. I secured the field 6 permit at Hecksher from 9am until 11am. Prime Central Park location
  3. Demand for True Modified Softball
This league has a lot going for it and could easily get two more teams to join. Hell I even did that for them by securing three ball clubs (one extra as a backup). I did all the work for them, got them the field and teams, and it looked like a can't miss deal. But, there is always a but, then the worst thing possible that could happen in softball decision making happened - it went to a Vote. 

I always have said voting doesn't work in softball (see the afternoon league) and the Bum Rush League proved me right.The Vote for new membership went down, and despite all the positives listed above, I was informed that the League in early of February 2014 that adding two new teams would be denied b/c "It Was Too Much Pressure". 

"Too Much Pressure"???? - Hilarious

I'm not mad, I really mean that I think this is Hilarious. Turning down 2 new teams with well over 2 months before opening day in an environment where you have the Fields and Demand, b/c there was not enough time and too much pressure. Hilarious.

Definitely, a Softball Version of  "It's Not You It's Me"

You don' have to an Evelyn Wood speed reader to read between the lines on this decisions. It's simple voting was based on what's best for individual teams in terms of improving their chances to win, limiting competition, and maintaining control rather than what was in the best interest of softball.

Oh well, I tried and was politely asked to reapply next year. I will b/c this "It's Not You It's Me Too Much Pressure excuse" won't be forgotten.

As an aside, the Insider would like to thank league commissioner Michael Leiman 

who was very patient, accommodating, and a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process. A very nice guy who I've teased for years by calling him "Honey I shrunk the Kids" 

every time he got a hit against my team to torture me ( he did that a lot, too much). Mike has a true love of the game which is undeniable. Good man. Classy. Thank you


  1. Let's be honest tho...always alotta controversy/drama with the teams/players you bring in.

  2. cold shit , anonymous , back it up with specifics .

  3. So when you don't get your way you cry about it. Evidently our managers know your game plan and don't want a whiney spoiled team in our league managed by someone whose ego is out of control. You may think you're respected as a softball player but you're not. Live with the reputation you created. By the way every blog you write ends up being all about you. It's getting old.

  4. Fair comment

    thank you for your readership

    Ricardo Ronda

  5. ooooooohh come on! let west in.

  6. Yeah...that will be good for the League.

  7. You can all go fuck yourselves with your "anonymous" comments! Grow some balls and put your name next to your comments if you're going to put someone or a group down. Bunch of asshole crybabies.

  8. we all know you old farts want to ruin this league like the other old farts ruined the tuesday league . you guys want to keep good players and teams out of the league so that your old asses can still play! start an over fifty league if thats what you want bitches !!!!! let the competitive teams in and stop trying to fight father time we dont want your old asses out there anyway!!!! ANG HK 11!!!

  9. and thanks for making my mind up for me .! ive been asked to play in that league before and said no. But now me and all my hooligan friends are joining mike peckins team this year so all you old farts better be ready!!!

  10. all i know is that Ricky has been running the best fall league around for the past 14 years! Better top to bottom comp than big apple! never a question about the pitching! i havent played in the last two years but ill tell you one thing not one fight ! zero controversy in the 12-13 yearsthat i did play. so letting rick have a say in how the league is run is a very good idea in my humble opinion!!!!!

  11. So is west outta the big apple as well?

  12. Anyone ever consider the guys like their league just the way it is? Ang, don't sell yourself short, you don't look a day under 50. HK and other Ricky teams are always 75% hooligans. Inwood better than big apple, PUH-LEEEEEEZE. No drama/fighting that must be some kind of joke. That league is nothing BUT drama. Some places are just smart enough to limit the nonsense.

    1. you obviously never played up there ! there was not one fight ever that i can remember in that league and yes top to bottom the inwood league is better than the big apple!!! sorry to hurt your feelings whoever you are. big apple has the same three or four teams going for it every year inwood has about 7 or 8 teams that can win the chip and about 4 teams that never win. big apple i could tell you who will be in the semi finals on day 1. and if they like it that way then call it what it is dont act like you want to have a competitive league when what you want is for you and all your old men friends to have a place to come and get exercise. im sick and tired of having to come out and hit against billy mccue! great guy but i dont wanna play in a league with him especially where hes callin all the shots! call it an old timers league.and as far as me lookin 50 thats fine bro im not the one cryin that i dont want to bring so and so team into the league because then i might not win! or dont let so and so play in the league because i might end up on the bench. and for god sakes grow a pair and sign your post people so we can put and end to this see you on the field and smile in your face, but then talk shit on blogs annonymous!

    2. and by the way HK is not a "Ricky " team! HK was around long before that my man! winnin chips up and down manhattan! and never cryin about the comp!

    3. and hooligans that can play! R E S P E C T!!!!

  13. Listen to the big bullies and ageists curse and insult those that don't want to destroy our league by bringing in a bunch of tough guys who like to intimidate. From the tone of the classless, vile and threatening comments I just read I see big problems in the league this year...more fights, cursing and physical intimidation. Perhaps the reason some don't list their names is because we know what we are dealing with and don't want to be physically targeted by a bunch of bullies.

  14. OK Johnathan Martin!

    1. And who exactly did i threaten! Again grow some balls and talk like a man.i didnt treaten anyone . all im sayin is we shouldnt be held hostage to all these old guys that want to make it an oldtimers league if thats what you want then call it that so that the discussion is over. but if you're gonna say it a regular modified league than stop cryin about teams and players who want to come in. You and your high and mighty asses ruining it for everyone else so that a few old guys can still come out. look whats happened to the tuesday league , its a disrace! what happened to that league. used to be a great league. but bill mccue and tommy from turtle rock couldnt ever win or hit against the pitching so what happens they turn it to an old man league lob pitching garbage! guys that have been coming to the park for 20 yrs are all of a sudden banned from playing because the old guys cant compete. is that fair! And Tommy actually had the nerve to say that the tuesday league is better than the big apple league! what a freakin joke.and monday aint much better same ol guys ruinig it for everyone. i remember when those days were appointment days to go watch sofball now its barely a level above co-ed. Sorry if i get passionate about the subject. but its not fair that these guys can ruin it for everyone else. and the way big apple is trending it will face the same fate! gonna be a lob league soon!

    2. and for the record i cursed two times. bitches in comment 1 and shit in comment 5. if your ears are to sensitve for those words, then i think u better move outta new york mr annonymous.

    3. Sorry folks dont mean to sound disrespectful but thats what i totally was.So sorry again. I talk shit you all know that! and online im worse ! lol .

  15. JA started it! Lol

  16. All of this and I have not said anything yet. Wow

  17. Gonna miss playing you guys, shame.
    -Darren Oliver
    = )

  18. ha your not anonymous anymore!!!!!

  19. Ricky would be a 5th stringer on West. That's why he has to play with teams that really doesn't have many good players.

  20. and your point is???