Friday, February 28, 2014

No Rhyme or Reason for Nuthin #5.. Hanging in There

  • I play ball

  • I also play the corporate ball with "The Man"

and in both popular phrases are used over and over again, day after day after day.

One of the more popular ones is "Hanging in There" which basically is a way of saying that you are all right, but could be better. Or is it?  Maybe not. 

Let's play a "Hanging in There"  doubleheader and compare Softball/Baseball versus "The Man's" Corporate world in two common scenarios:

Scenario #1 Dealing with Failure/Adversity - "Hanging in There" 

Softball/Baseball - You make an Error, bad at bat, base running blunder, braine freeze, and 
  • Your teammate/manager says "Hang in There" - means "get em next time" and don't get down. I believe in you or we have no one else, I have to say "Hang in There" and keep going.
  • Someone asks you if your OK and you say "Hanging in There" - means you know you fucked up and your dealing with it. Perseverance.

The Man/ Corporate World - You make an error and 
              (1) Your Nice Co-worker says "Hang in There" - means I like you and know you can do better. Learn from it.
              (2) Evil/Fake Co-worker says "Hang in There" - means I'm so happy you fucked up. I look so good now. I want your job and will throw you under the bus every chance I get.

Edge: Softball/Baseball - enemies and friends are easier seen on the diamond.

Scenario #2 Random Encounter - "Hanging in There" 

Softball/Baseball - Either at the field ,on the base paths, or on the way to the field you randomly run into someone (fan, player, ump, manager, commissioner) and they ask you how everything is going and you say "Hanging in there" which means either:
  • Doing my best.
  • Love the game can't wait to play. 
  • I sacrificed a lot to get here
  • Despite all the bullshit I have to deal with I love the game
  • You don't have anything else to say and somehow everyone relates to "Hanging in There" and it's the quickest way to end a conversation.
The Man/ Corporate World -  You pass a co-worker in the hallway and they ask "How is everything going and one of you say "Hanging in There" - means 
  • Fuck I hate my job  
  • I wish I was sleeping or on vacation.
  • Shut Up and leave me alone
  • I don't even want to acknowledge your presence, but I have to be politically correct and say something. Yeah I'm fake
  • I wanna go home. Is it 5pm?

Edge Softball/Baseball - It's just so much more positive in sports.

Softball/Baseball sweeps the "Hanging in There" comparison Doubleheader. Not a surprise as the game is much more sincere than business. 

As an fyi: I never say "Hanging in There" at work instead  I like to be different and say something like "Doing My Best", especially when I pass someone in the hallway. It just seems so more positive and less fake.

In business and softball, no one cares about yesterday or last year you have to bring your best everyday. Or at lest try to. But if something does go wrong remember to "Hang in There" in both.


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