Thursday, February 20, 2014

No Rhyme or Reason for Nuthin #6 - Games of Thrones

Over the last few months I've become a big fan of the HBO Series Game of Thrones as I've powered watch 3 seasons worth of episodes and can't wait for season #4 in April. I love the  
  • Wolves 

  • Dragons

  • Talented Actors and actresses that play unique and compelling Heroes

  • and Heroines

The main premise of the show is a Power Struggle as Noble houses are in a civil war for the
Iron Throne 

of the Seven Kingdoms;  

In their quest for power there is a lot of treachery, blood shed, scheming, pain, and suffering. A very steep price to pay to sit on the Iron Throne.

We all know that in the softball world the Game of Thrones quest for power exists, but really when you compare it to what's happening in the real world it seems fairly petty and silly.  

Ukraine is at the heart and center of the real world Game of Thrones these days as they are on the verge of civil war.Here's a quick Recap to this very disturbing too real Game of Thrones Power Struggle: 
  • Protestors, led by ex-heavy weight champ Vitali Klitschko, 
are seeking to overturn constitutional changes that strengthened President Yanukovych’s powers and to put the nation on a path toward European Union "EU" membership 
  • Thousands of protesters invaded and still remain in Independence Square in Kiev
  • It's been ugly as at least 26 people -- protesters and police alike -- were killed 
  • The president wasn’t seeing the situation rationally, and his only demand was that protesters leave the camp on the square known as Maidan. 
  • The government has called the protesters terrorist and imposed martial law. 
  • Protesters have repeatedly stated "There’s no way we leave, because we have nothing to lose anymore, “Today, we face the choice of whether we’ll be a colony of Russia or an independent state, We are not afraid.”
  • Protesters lobbed Molotov cocktails (fire) from behind their barricades while waving flags, singing the national anthem and stoking bonfires with anything that burns.
  • Russia blamed the U.S. and the European Union for the violence.  “Western politicians and European structures” and their“policy of connivance” are guilty for the escalation of the violence"
  • Finally today at midnight, Ukraine's president declared a truce in his tumultuous nation, as well as the start of negotiations aimed at not only preventing further bloodshed but forging a lasting peace.
 My thoughts - It's Ugly. 

But no way do "terrorist" sing the national anthem of their own country and stand out in the open and fight for what they believe. The following quote was very powerful "The government would like the world to believe that those on Maidan are just terrorists and extremists to justify the bloodshed,... that those on Maidan are armed with firearms and rioting," Kiev protester MaiaKiev told CNN  "But it's not a riot ... It's a revolution of dignity."

Violence against your own people is never the answer. Never.

Unfortunately, in this real world Game of Thrones, bloodshed was spilled and may continue to be spilled. A high cost. Too High.

As for the US getting blamed, Fuck you Russia, don't try and flip this on us.  U.S President Barack Obama stated "We hold the Ukrainian government primarily responsible," "for making sure that it is dealing with peaceful protesters in an appropriate way, that the Ukrainian people are able to assemble and speak freely about their interests without fear of repression."

He's Right .

We take living here for granted.Man, America has it's own Game of Thrones power struggles, but man am I sure glad I live here. Freedom.

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