Monday, October 7, 2013

Masters of Evil .. Part I .. Back to the Drawing Board and "Pity the Warrior who has no foes to slay"

The Masters of Evil is a name for a number of super-villains that fight super heroes in the comics.
The members change throughout the years, but their goal of domination remains.

In softball either die a Hero and live long enough to become a Villain, and if you win year after year after year after year , True Domination, you eventually become a Master Super Villain as everyone loves to hate you as they want what you have.Softball has it's own version of Master of Evil,
The 2013 Big Apple Champions
Choice Parts

Writer's Note : Why are all the North A96 players standing on the left in the picture and far back in video's the  group huddle... except Lou 22... hmmmm

Truth is they are not evil. Just really good at softball. 5 championships in 6 years, and while I love to hate them I also have a lot of love, respect, and admiration for many of their players. Well done and deserved as winning a championship in the Big Apple league kinda counts like winning two championships somewhere else.

Two comments/quotes strike me as I think about Choice Parts and the League
  • Comment #1 "Hey I thought all the illegal pitching was supposed to stop JB from winning the chip. I guess its back to the drawing board! Congrats Parts!!"  Ang HK11 - That comment was probably from one the insiders #1 fans Angelo Gonzalez.
Angelo on the Left

He is absolutely 100% right. Many teams loaded up on pitching as they "Lived By the Sling and Died by the Sling", After a setback in 2012 the Parts loaded up on offense. The strategy worked to perfection. Back to the drawing board for everyone else.
  • Star Trek nerd quote from "The Fall of Kang" was an epic poem written by the Klingon poet G'trok. "So honor the valiant who die 'neath your sword...but pity the warrior who slays all his foes."
This is about me I guess. I have won a lot of leagues, but never the Big Apple. I have lost five semi-finals games threes. That's a lot of whiny sentimental bullshit I know. But it is also the Truth. I don't want to become softball's Gene Mauch or Dusty Baker. Good baseball men you never won the big one. Winning this league is my last great challenge.Their is one Foe yet to slay, but not today

Today belongs to my Frenemies - Choice Parts Well done. Holler!!!!!! - True Masters of Softball


  1. I love this team.

  2. Nasty defense wins big softball games.

  3. Best team in the park

  4. Why is Ange choking Woody Allen , doesn't he like his films ?

  5. Best team money can buy,

  6. I hope Mr. X comments.

  7. Ang was a good "Part" one season. Once a "Part" always a "Part".

  8. Fuck lil bitch ass Castillo!

  9. Can Brown pitch on another team or is it on for Parts???

  10. Good luck trying to get him

  11. Rosenmiller will outbid you for JB.

  12. Damn brother jimmys didnt win this year so now we gotta eat that bbq's crap again! whats up wit dat!!!!