Friday, October 11, 2013

TRUE Masters of Evil... Part II .. " United States of Embarrassment" ..

Editor's Note:  To all my Republican readers. I challenge you to read this whole blog. I love this country, but your party's personal agenda for power, control, and money had divided our Nation. It hurts

Evert day when I was a kid in school we all faced the flag and recited the Pledge of Allegiance and in it we said :
                    "I pledge Allegiance to the flag
                     of the United States of America
                     and to the Republic for which it stands,
                     one nation under God, indivisible,
                     with Liberty and Justice for all."

Indivisible.. so much for that. Unfortunately, we are now a nation divided now between the struggle for power between the true Masters of Evil
the majority Republican Congress
 and our President. By now you all now the issue but let's briefly re-cap:
  • Republican led congress shut-down 800,000 federal jobs and refused to raise the debt-ceiling as they want the the elimination - or at least the delay -- of Obamacare. Which would  hinder government efforts to provide health insurance to 15% of the U.S. population that doesn't have coverage. 
Softball Insider Analysis : This is flat out bully extortion. So divisive, hurting everyone and helping no one. Is this America? Why are they trying to fold our League?
  • To our President's credit he has not backed down to these weak bully tactics by saying "I'm not going to negotiate with you until you reopen the government, but go to your members, find out what you need to do to get that part done and let's try to make some progress.'" 
Softball Insider Analysis :  I mean c'mon, its obvious this is a personal attack against Barrack. Why? Is it because he is black? Is it because he is trying to help? Is Social change/betterment so wrong? Republicans hatred for him is costing 800,000 jobs and looming future economic turmoil. Pathetic. The face of America has changed accept it. Deal with it. All of this reminds me of the classic Eminem song "White America"

Yeah I put my favorite rapper in this political blog. Why? To re-enforce that the Face of America has changed. We are Republic. Share the ball. Your embarrassing the Nation. STOP
  • The shutdown could cost the still-struggling U.S. economy about $1 billion a week in pay lost by furloughed federal workers. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.  The total economic impact is likely to be at least 10 times greater than the simple calculation of lost wages of federal workers, said Brian Kessler, economist with Moody's Analytics. His firm estimates that a three- to four-week shutdown would cost the economy about $55 billion. 
Softball Insider Analysis :   That's ridiculous. We just barely crawled out of a recession, barely, and now this? Live Together. Die Alone
  • To make matters more hypocritical and divisive, pay checks have been coming to the 533 current members of Congress while most of the federal workforce goes without pay. 
Softball Insider Analysis :  This insults every American. Completely Disgraceful. 
These assholes simply do not fucking care about America. They are acting like spoiled children and are still getting paid. They live in a static bubble. Face some live pitching buddy.
  • Yesterday, the Republicans caved in, opened talks, "After initially demanding changes to or the elimination of Obama's signature health care reform plan, Republicans have more recently focused on extending the debt ceiling for up to six weeks while negotiating on spending and other issues during a continued government shutdown.
Softball Insider Analysis :  ... duhhhh. Play ball bitch. What took you so long.
  • But as is their way, Republicans spun the story  "This is a republic, not a dictatorship, negotiations are a requirement, not an option."All we’re asking for is to sit down and have a conversation,"John Boehner speaker of the house of representatives, He went on further to say "There’s no reason to make it more difficult to bring people to the table. There’s no boundaries here. There’s nothing on the table, there’s nothing off the table. I’m trying to do everything I can to bring people together and have a conversation. It's up to the President now"... .
Softball Insider Analysis : Spin. Spin Spin. Double Talk and lies
  • Before I go let me hit you with one more Eminem quote from the song White America
    "How many people are proud to be
    Citizens of this beautiful country of ours?
    The stripes and the stars for the rights of men
    Who have died for the protect?
    The women and men who have broke their necks
    For the freedom of speech The United States Government has sworn to uphold, Or so we're told"

    C'mon Masters of Evil somewhere there is still good inside of you. Help the Nation. You are supposed to.... "Or so we're told"


  1. Aside from having all your facts wrong, it's a sweet post. America's decline is due to soooo much more than the bickering in the news today. It's about drug use, fatherless children, loss of religion, loss of family, loss of work ethic, the philosophy that government should take care of everybody (ironically what gives dictatorships all their power), incredibly dangerous debt-fueled spending at the national, state, local and household level, beauracracy, illegal immigration, automation of the economy, overall lack of education to keep up with the new economy, just to name a few. We are rotting from the inside out as a nation. In part, our great melting pot, while still producing some greatness, has become a Tower of Babel demanding too many different agendas, ideas, wants, needs, etc for there really to be a coherent United States of America.

    The country has lived on credit for far too long to feed a lavish federal spending program - someone has to reign it in because none of it can be paid for. Health care for all is a noble goal we can all get behind. But why should it be FREEEEEEEE for so many at the incredible to cost to so many others? Yes, truly indigent people should be given a helping hand with compassion but how many are gaming the system? And for how long? Why does the entire health care system be changed to help a fraction of Americans, when you could basically expand Medicaid to cover the truly needy and not affect what the rest of us have, at far greater cost?

    Rick, there is so much more to this than anyone can encapsulate but you are too smart to parrot the nonsense you hear in the media. Quoting M&M doesn't help make the point.

  2. First, it is so interesting to me the number of people who express questionable opinions on Ricky's blog but never identify themselves.

    Ricky did not get his facts wrong. And your assessment of what is causing this country's decline is very questionable. What is clear is that you are spouting the fairly typical Republican/Conservative line blaming the government.

    Comparing our government to dictatorships is simply wrong on the facts. Dictatorships do not take care of everybody. They take care of people on a very selective basis. In contrast, no one has suggested that our government take care of everyone. But we are coming to the conclusion that some things should be available at reasonable cost to everyone and health care is one of those things.

    As far as living on credit, the previous administration inherited a balanced budget (some say a surplus) from Bill Clinton. They turned that into a huge deficit with 2 unfunded wars (one of them completely gratuitous), tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans who neither asked for it nor needed it. We were told this tax cut would lead to job growth but GW Bush had the weakest job growth numbers in 40 years. So clearly that myth was debunked. Bush and the Republicans added a prescription drug benefit that cost billions and was also unfunded. It benefited Big Pharma more than seniors until the doughnut hole was fixed by ObamaCare.

    It is hard to take anyone seriously who blames the current President for his deficit increases as they were mostly made necessary by an economy he inherited and which was in danger of taking us into another depression. It takes time to repair the kind of massive economic damage done by eight years of cavalier and irresponsible behavior by a government that was almost completely in the hands of Republicans for most of those years.

    Deficits are coming down, by the way and if it was not for ideologues like Cruz trying to cripple the economy we would be a lot further along. In fact, if the obstructionist Republican party, marching in lockstep, had not dedicated themselves to destroying President Obama and making him a "one term President" by saying no to all the legislation that would have helped the economy recover faster, the recovery would be a lot further along.

    You can cut the brake lines on a car but you can't point the finger of blame at someone else when it crashes.

    You are correct when you say these are complicated issues. But what the right in America has been doing for the last 5 years is not complicated at all. It is simply sabotage.

  3. well said Thomas.

  4. That had to be jimmy bitros Mr conservative!

  5. C'mon, guys -- we all know whose fault this whole mess is: JB!

  6. That wasn't me. I thought about posting a rebuttal to both Rickey and Thomas but decided against it, But thank you Mr. Anonymous. I wear the moniker of Mr. Conservative proudly.


  7. We need more Thomas' out there to step up and debunk this tiresome , factless , right wing crap they be feeding everyone . Bravo , Thomas !

  8. If it weren't for the various safety net pgms, the rw agenda to transform the USA into a plutocracy owned + operated by the wealthiest 1% would have been apparent 30 years earlier. Now the cat is out of the bag and there's no longer any need to figleaf the obvious, so those programs are being phased out. Off shoring, tax policy, union busting, and so-called free trade have destroyed a once thriving middle class that was the envy of much of the world. Now it's game over. Look at who won and who lost and see if this shoe fits.