Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Suspicion brings Dishonor .. Not Right

Every real warrior, competitor, and softball player knows that death comes before dishonor. Your always trying to play the game the right way because your name, your pride, your self-respect; essentially your Honor is precious and irreplaceable.  A player is not a player without honor.

In Major League Baseball there is no greater honor to bestow upon a player than Election to the Hall of Fame. This year no one was elected. The writers sent a message and and made a good call regarding obvious and proven performance enhancing cheaters like Bonds, Clemens and Sosa

Feels right.

Unfortunately instead of following, explaining, or breaking a Hall of Fame story the so called most qualified people to decide the Baseball Hall of Fame, the baseball writers, decided to create a story by not allowing anyone to entered the Hall who played during the "Steroid Era (1994-2004). They let suspicion and suspicion alone deny great players like Piazza and Biggio  
the honor of being enshrined as all time greats just because of whispers and rumors. Fucking high school girls passing notes in class style. Weak and feels wrong.

Now I know you might be thinking Ricky is a Met fan and his judgement is biased, but as my friends know I was never a Piazza guy as I didn't like his defense and his unwillingness to move to first base because he was such a lousy catcher. But c'mon his right handed swing was beautiful and there was never ever any performance enhancing proof against him? I mean aren't we Innocent until proven guilty? The baseball writers don't think so as with them its "Guilty if Suspicious - no proof needed". Its gossip column, NY Post Page 6 style, sensationalist journalism/justice. A damn witch hunt with little or flimsy evidence at best. 

If the writes wanted to reward non nonperformance enhancing players why weren't Jack Morris and Tim Raines elected?

They were awesome. They weren't saints, but clearly were outstanding players. Obviously the writers just wanted to make a statement about the steroids than do their homework and recognize great players for their on the field accomplishments. Mistake.

What about going forward? Will Greg Maddux, Vladamir Guerrero, Pedro Martinez, Ivan Rodriguez, Jeff Kent, Ken Griffey, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Omar Visquel be punished b/c they played in the Steroid ERA? Some yes. Some no. Why ? Perception is reality. Baseball writers are bitches and should be removed from the Hall of Fame voting/selection process. How can men with no honor and sense of justice vote on baseball's greatest honor? The answer is simple : They shouldn't as they love the drama more than justice.

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