Friday, January 4, 2013

Bettor's Guide Hope You Lose

In the Bettor's guide section of the N.Y.Post,  the legendary Hondo, offers up gambling advice for those willing to place a wager. One of his favorite customer's is avid Central Park player and manager Jack "Bandanna Man" (BM) Cutler

Bandanna Man is betting on himself this time as he moved to L.A. today and will probably only come back to visit this summer. This is the second time in a good friend of mine has moved away and he will be missed.

While admittedly not the best dresser

Bandanna Man has had his bad and good bets over he years, but always was a pleasure to be around

 and could always take a choke, I uh mean joke.

He went through hard times to build Bravery into a Champion

and enjoyed the thrill of victory
to the fullest in 2011

My favorite line from Jack as a manager came in the bottom of the sixth inning of a game where we were facing elimination. The other team had runners and 2nd and 3rd with one out. On the mound we all huddled and went over the options. The guys went with my recommendation of going after the hitter and play five infielders. It worked and after we got out of the jam as we were celebrating Jack turned to me and said "After is is all over can please explain to me what happened?" and laughed

He could laugh at himself. Jack didn't micro manager and was a self admitted idiot who surrounded himself with people he trusted. A good quality. If it wasn't for Softball I would never have met this guy who I consider family. You will be missed. Selfishly I hope you lose this bet and come back to New York.

Softball just became a little less fun.

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