Friday, January 18, 2013


Most men have some sort of dream girl
Now whether they hook up with or meet a certain her is another matter. However, unless they've only see her in their dreams they at least know she exists. Moreover, while obsession and infatuation are always a possibility, most men wouldn't call a woman "a girlfriend" if they never even met her. That's what makes the Manti Teo's case so bizarre.

Manti Te'o is a star Notre Dame player

whose "girlfriend" allegedly died last year. However, she never died. Why? Because she never existed. 

Very weird. 

I could understand if he got hustled over money on-line, but how can you get hustled on a girlfriend? Anyway, the whole situation is perplexing and has led to the phenomena called Te'oing where people take a picture with their arm around an invisible girlfriend on-line

Let's do our version of Te'oing and call it SB'ling, and compare. SB'ling refers to a non-existent softball team that exhibits all the qualities that an imaginary girlfriend might posses.

Top Ten Te-oing and SB'ling similarities

10/9/8. Commitment, Trust, and Loyalty. You wouldn't call a woman an imaginary girlfriend if she was sleeping around. You would demand commitment/trust/loyalty from her and give it back in return. The same thing applies in SB'ling as you never miss games, never forfeit, never get passed over for a new player even though you are doing the job. Now your understanding why this is a "dream" team.

7. Talent - While chemistry and personality are important in a Te-oing lady, she's still gotta look good. The more stacked the better. Your dream Sb'ling team has to be able to pitch, make all the plays and produce runs. Your stacked with play makers up and down you roster.

6/5/4. Chemistry/Education/Connection - Now that we established that imaginary girl is fine she also has to be fun, witty, and smart. You connect with your partner on an emotional and intellectual level (Soul Mate). 
When Sb-ling it is very important that everyone is 
  • focused
  • on the same page softball wise
  • plays smart unselfish team ball, and 
  • feeds off each's other's energy. 
The softball mental connection aspect exists, even though it is non-existent in many environments.

3. Dressed Appropriately - Your Te-oing lady friend needs to know when to wear that sexy black dress showing off all the goods and when to button up. On your Sb-ling squad everyone brings their cleats, gloves, bats, and wears their team shirt to all the games.

2.Support - When times are hard and you hit a slump it's good to know that your Te-oing hoochie mama girl will be there for you. No excuses. Sb-ling teammates don't back stab, gossip, complain, or whine when things go wrong.No excuses.

and the Number One Te-oing and SB'ling similarity

1. Rich  - A Te-oing woman has a career, is independent, and well to do. Sb-ling team have tremendous resources and are fully sponsored.

Sb-ling teams don't exist as they are made up of imperfect people playing an imperfect game, but if you find a team that exhibits most of the qualities I listed above don't be afraid to put your arm around it and call it your own.

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