Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Close Call

I often ask are we not Warriors??? when I talk about softball. Well today two great warriors are down, but not out.
Mikey Peckins


and Jeff Carol

were in an accident (a collision) this past weekend while skiing.  They are OK now and starting the recovery process. The doctor said they were very lucky considering the damage that was done as Mike has had surgery and now has plates in his face where bone used to be as his jaw has been wired shut (for 6 weeks). Crazy. 
Life is Fragile.

The insider wishes these two worries only the best and hopes to see them on the field again at some point in 2012 as the game will not be  the same without them.


  1. Jeff fractured two vertabrae in his lower back

  2. Thanks to all that have sent us your love and support. It means the world to Jeff and I.
    We will be back... it just might take a few months.
    With love
    Michael #2

  3. Have played with both these men — one as a fearless opponent and one as a steadfast teammate. They are both splendid warriors, and I am so sorry to hear that they have been wounded. I wish them both quick and complete recoveries. NYC softball won't be the same until they are back on the fields.


  4. Really sorry to hear this. Both guys are great players and good sportsman -- no bluster or bullshit from either. I wish you both a speedy recovery, and hope to see you both back between the lines, where you belong, by mid-summer.

  5. Very sorry to hear this. Obviously, you guys should stick to softball. Heal well. - LD

  6. Terrible news - so sorry to hear about this accident. Echoing Thom's comments and hoping for speedy and full recovery. Get lots of strong meds! See you both on the diamond soon! - Gabby