Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5th ... Makes me realize I am not crazy

Now you probably get this picture from my blog persona  
that I'm a politically incorrect bastard who bags on Authority. But I wanna just take this time out to be perfectly honest because there's a lot of shit like .
  •  Criticism
  • Apathy
  • Recession
  • Unemployment
  • Economic Hardship
  • Failure
  • Frustration. 
that I keep bottled up that hurts deep inside of me. I handle it well, given the circumstances I'm dealt.  Yet as the older I get I realize how many chances I've had and damn it's too bad, I could have done something else.

People make jokes because they don't understand me, they just don’t see my real side. I act like that shit doesn't phase me, but inside it drives me crazy as my insecurities could eat me alive. However, on days like today any doubts I have are washed away as I realize what I have in life
 As today is March 5th
and as a wise friend once told me "it's good to honor the people who are special in your life". Well today is my very low profile wife's Astrid's Birthday.
Talk to the Hand
and the Insider would just like to let you know Thank You - Your Amazing


  1. Congratulations to you both. Thank God Forrest Gump was Astrid's favorite movie. After she saw you run the bases... she was hooked.


  2. Rickster....I have a Subway, 5 Dollar Foot Long Coupon for you...

  3. Happy Birthday, Astrid.


  4. Happy Birthday, Astrid.


  5. Run , Forest run ! Happy birthday , Astrid ! Ricky's got a winner in you !