Sunday, February 19, 2012

Take One For The Team

"Taking One for the Team", unselfish sacrifice, is one of the truest forms of love. Winners always Take One for the Team, both on and off the field. It's a dirty job but sometimes you gotta take the pain, without glory, for the benefit of others.

Examples of "Taking One for the Team" is prevalent throughout sports  : 

(A) Taking a charge foul in Basketball
That Shit has got to hurt
 (B) blocking in Football
No Glory
 (C) "Taking One for the Team" is a big part of the baseball/softball mentality.
(1) Giving Up your body to turn a double play
No fear
(2) Getting Hit by a Pitch to Get on Base
You know this Sucks
(3) Giving yourself up to move a man over (bunts)
Productive Outs
"Taking One for the Team" is not limited in sports. In battle brave soldiers are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice 
and fall on the grenade to save others. While on the dating scene, falling on the grenade occurs  when your friend's girl is a Queen, and your girl is a thing  

 but you hook your boy up and Take One for the Team. In every relationship you sometimes have to
No Caption necessary

at one point or another. In the business and government world,  the blame game always requires someone to be a scapegoat

and Take One for the Team.Lately the economy has been so bad that I have had to Take One for the Team and move beyond the traditional job search realm
and hustle in the following ways:
  • Interview for some wack ass boring 50 % pay cut job in Connecticut that had an over 1 hour driving commute.
  • Professionally Deal with Scum Bag Recruiters. I hate them. Fake ass bastards.
  • During an interview for a job that begins in June, I told them I would work for free until it began b/c I was so interested and motivated about the position and wanted to get a head start. If that's not sacrifice I don't know what is.
  • Create and Develop Websites  for others
  • Prepare Taxes for others
  • Plan to Expand the Jersey City League
  • Plan to Create a New Manhattan Weeknight League
  • Business plan someone Else's small business
  • Play Dodge Ball with Kids in an after school program
  • Shovel Snow for money

it's humbling but I am thankful for everyone's help. All Winners always Take One for the Team

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