Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cinderella Man

Besides eating chocolate on Valentine's Day
year after year, all sports fans loathe the month of February as
  1. Football is over.
  2. The weather is usually bad.
  3. NCAA is weeks away.
  4. Baseball hasn't started.
  5. and the NBA season is uninspiring as the Knicks were irrelevant
But this year is different thanks to the man of many Knick-names Jeremy Lin
He has been affectionately called Linsanity , Super Lintendo , Ninga , LinFinity, , Linderalla , The Golden Child

and many more which he's earned with his stellar play. My favorite is Cinderella Man

and he capped his magical run tonight with the winning 3 pointer at the buzzer. The Knicks are now a spotless 6-0 since he has been inserted into the lineup. I've watched his last 3 Knick games in a row before that I hadn't watched 3 Knick games in a row in almost twelve years. I'm on the band wagon.

How can  you not be? 
He is for real.
I'm a believer.

Lin doesn't have to play softball to make my blog. He proves that it is "much more than just a game". He went to Harvard (rare in pro sports), is Asian (a rarity in the NBA) , was undrafted, cut, benched, cut again, benched, almost cut, then let his talent shine through.
Fucking inspiring

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  1. Here are some of the quotes I heard this morning driving in:

    When he made the three pointer to win the game the Garden had a Lin-gasm

    Last time I saw this many Knicks games in a row, OJ was riding a white Bronco in the lower right hand side of my screen.

    And for you Mets fan here's something for you: