Monday, February 27, 2012

At the End of the Day

A popular phrase many people invoke both on and off the field is "At the End of the Day”. At "The End of the Day" generally means after everything else has been taken into consideration this is what really matters. It clearly is results and relevance oriented which is cool, unfortunately most people who use it are usually just rambling, bullshitting, and are looking to just wrap up their hustle/pitch for immediate gratification or promotional purposes.

Results and goals are important, but so is the journey. As the season begins we are reminded that Baseball/Softball is a marathon filled with many peaks and valleys, successes and disappointments, thrills and challenges. Before you begin this long journey you should ask yourself "At the End of the Season" what would make me happy and if you are willing to do what it takes to achieve it. Sounds simple and corny, and it is, but it is also true.

Some people might cite the following examples of softball happiness:
  • Winning the Championship
  • Award Recognition
  • Stellar/Improved Performance
  • Playing Time 
  • Competition
  • Bragging Rights
  • Financial Rewards
  • Friendship
  • Revenge
  • Redemption
  • Recovery
  • Respect - Earning or Restoring it
  • Power
  • Justice
  • Progression 
  • Wearing a nice uniform and looking cool
  • Banging some hot girl you met at a game
  • Drinking before, during, and after games
  • Getting away from the real world
  • All the Above
  • None of the Above
Only you know if the long softball journey ahead full of aggravation, failure, assholes, gold diggers, critics, goons, politicians, phonies, etc., will be worth it. So before it begins know what makes you softball happy at The End of the Day.

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