Friday, March 4, 2011

SB Time Machine

I've been down for a few weeks, I apologize for that, but now that spring is in the air the SB fever is back. But I ain’t back just for the sake of just saying I'm back, I could relax and stack SB tracks, but that would be wack. I prefer to be proactive and look for new stories in old places. As seeing that I am a corny nostalgic sucker, I feel it's important to look back

at the softball past before moving forward. These old school pictures from the 1980s make me appreciate all the guys in the frames that are still playing today. You gotta love that spirit, not the shirtless pictures, but the spirit.

If only I had a DeLorean or Hot Tub Time Machine to go back to the 80s play some ball with them. Something tells me they might have had more fun in the wild 80s. In any case, when you see one of these guys now give them a shout out and enjoy playing with a Legend.

P.S Special thanks to Jimmy Bitros for the amazing pictures

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful work Ricky. James has beautifully chronicled the past. Great work guys.

    jack s.