Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Eddie and Doctor Inspiration

Firms will do anything to get attention and sell their product , like paint ads on lovely woman,

which has plenty of visual value.

Everyone is looking for a catchy gimmick or jingle so that their target audience will remember them. Two of my favorite memorable ads growing up were Crazy Eddie
and the Vicks "I'm not a Doctor but I play on on TV" ads.

In the spirit of these cool and funny old school 80s ads, today I am throwing a plug to the modern versions of Crazy Eddie - and Alex "The Glove Doctor" Goldman

In the spirit of Crazy Eddie, is having the following Insane blowout promo for both baseball (little league and higher) and Softball until May 1st:
  • right now for just $99/team, each player can have an action shot & a team portrait in 8x10 size, up to 12 players. that's 24 prints!*
  • yes, that's two 8x10 prints per player for around $4 per print vs. the usual $15 single or 2 for $25 price, which will return when this promo ends. as always, these are my pro lab prints on high quality Kodak stock, not the cheapo kiosk garbage that you'd typically find at these low prices!
  • Please Note: Must prepay when ordering. $99 includes photography plus 2 prints x 12 players (24 prints). if more than 12 players in order, just add $10 per additional player. orders ready for pickup or field delivery in 7-10 days.
Q does Professional work - I highly recommend him.

Most of you who know Alex Goldman (who a lot of you behind the scenes TRY and steal from our team - and that was not directed at the evil empire) as one of Softball's best young impact hitters but while he may not be a real world doctor he is the Glove Doctor

Every players connection to their glove goes beyond words. With the upcoming season approaching rapidly, it’s time to get the old glove out of the closet and ready for top form! Got a broken lace on your gamer or just and old glove lying around that needs some restoring? Alex has been restoring and re-lacing baseball and softball gloves for many years and is conveniently located in NYC!!!!

He's the right man for the job as he is :
  • Fast and Professional - Most gloves repaired and returned by the next day!!!!
  • Affordable Prices -$40 for complete fielders glove restoration and $50 for catchers and first baseman's mitts. You won't find a better price anywhere!
  • Can do individual lace repairs as well.
  • Will clean and condition the glove for no extra fee with high quality glove cleaner & conditioner.
  • Major League quality Tan and Black laces available. Other colors available upon request!
Get your glove fixed NOW before the season as bringing an old trusted friend, I uh mean, glove back to life is so much better than buying a new one!

Check out my Facebook Page for before & after photos!

Contact me him with any questions you have :

Alex Goldman
"The Glove Doc"
Glove Repair and Restoration Services
New York City, NY
New Facebook Page!

These Entrepreneurs are SBI endorsed and approved!!


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