Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let Me Make This Statement Loud and Clear SB in Jersey is Here!!!!!!!!

New Jersey has always been New York's step-son, as it has always played second fiddle to the varsity. However, over the last ten years or so New Jersey has gotten on the social media map thanks to some famous TV Shows
but now I'm going to put it on the Softball Map. As Joe Budden and Busta Rhymes politically incorrectly rapped in "Fire"

I would like to make this Statement Loud and Clear Softball in Jersey is here!!!!!!!

From the man you brought you, I will be bringing the same enthusiasm, effort, and love of softball to Jersey City beginning the week of April 25th. Now before you shrug this off and say "Jersey????" I'm giving you the option to play on better fields, at convenient times, and get away from all those shiesty NY softball monopolies.

Basic League Details are as follows :
  1. 12 Games – Fields Mary Benson, Gateway, Lincoln Park, or Caven Point - all less than 10 minutes from the Holland Tunnel
  2. Days – Primarily Mon and Thursday, possible Wednesday
  3. Costs - $550 - $50 is a refundable forfeit fee
  4. Umpires are paid $25 on the field by each team. Prepaying for the regular season is also an option at a cost of $350 ($50 refundable)
  5. Each team must provide 1 new clincher ball a game
  6. Prizes – 1,000 Champ, Champ Loser $500 – based on a 6 team league
  7. Playoffs – Top 5 teams, 4-5 Seed play one game playoff, Semi’s are 2 of 3, Finals 3 of 5.

It is my number one goal to provide a competitive, fun, stress free, and exciting softball league for all my members.

Please contact me to discuss further.

Don't miss your chance to break away from all those wack NY leagues and help me build something special in NJ. A good league is so much better to build than another one of those overpriced yuppy high rise condo's across the Hudson. This is a golden opportunity.

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