Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quantum SB Leap

Last week on the SB Time Machine, I traveled back to wild and outrageous Central Park 80s

This week I'll take a queue from the classic 80s-90s Sci-Fi TV Show

Quantum Leap
and become lost in time to temporarily take you to Central Park Softball in the 90s and early 2000s where I wish I could take other people's place to "put right what once went wrong".
My 3 favorite pictures from this set that I wish I could "put right what once went wrong" are:

(1) Blonde in a beach chair
Blonde "Yoda" has retired from softball and now only coaches Little League. If I were him I would un-retire and play at least one day a week.

(2) John Rosenmiller, looking like a skinny version of the guy from the Movie Knocked Up,
I wish I could go back and "influence" John to go into law as he missed his calling as a master debater. Instead he became the leader of the Evil Empire and the rest is NYC softball history.

(2) Skinny John Castillo

Love him or hate him, the game has not been the same without him. Like many of our favorite sports figures he had his flaws, but he was my favorite player. I wish I could go back and make sure he didn't chew tobacco.

I also need to take one more Quantum Leap of Faith and spring forward to the 2010 division wining Diesel Express squad where I wish I could go back and fix what went wrong in our semi-final failure. We should have made the finals, but we didn't. A bitter pill that we had to swallow and now must regroup and take a quantum leap forward in 2011.

Again another special thank you to Jimmy Bitros for all the amazing pictures, we will bring you a championship to one day.

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  1. Jimmy B's work is nothing short of spectacular. As is yours Ricky.

    jack s.