Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Knockout demise last Sunday to the Westlanders didn't come with a bang or a glorious battle, but rather with a whimper, a sigh of relief, and worse of all apathy. Not even Blog worthy (that's why this blog doesn't even deserve a title), until I received the following comment from one of my best readers WestLander manager Dio Jackson (like a man he signs all his comments)

Comment from Dio Jackson

"Learn to fly again...Ozzie Dio comments that You went away from what made Knockout...Knockout.

You followed Gil's lead (recruiting) and it hurt you in the long run. Gubi is a better evaluator of talent. Blondy lost his fire.

The KO team that beat the Highlanders at Inwood in 2006 is the concept you need to rebuild with. Great chemistry, solid defense, good situational hitters, and guys who PLAYED TO WIN! That team was scrappy and played with HEART.

You may have had better "talent" this year but a lot of those guys don't know how to play TEAM BALL. Many of them were selfish and egotistical. Those were the same one's who burned you when you needed them to show up and perform. Guys showing up late for a playoff game drinking coffee is a sign of weakness, better yet...a sign of people who just don't give a fuck. Those guys were the same one's you invested all of your trust and loyalty in. Where was theirs?

I know my opinion doesn't mean shit, but it wouldn't be me if I didn't post a comment. Plus...I love Inwood and I like Knockout. I would hate to see that team fade away....... "

My response is simple. He's right. Except for his self serving semi-malicious comment of "Learn to Fly again".
Dio is 100 pct Correct.
It may have sort of hurt my goddamn feelings, but he's right. That's OK b/c that was the last 2010 softball feeling I had and you have to be man enough to face the truth which is:
  • Gil is not a good recruiter. I was wrong to follow his lead
  • Gubi is a better recruiter and judge of talent. Not perfect, but better.
  • Blonde is done with softball. He's moved on to a better place - coaching little league in his neighborhood. I alienated him early in the fall and then when we patched things up he only came back as favor to me. His softball fire and desire is gone
  • Like the Mets 2006 is a long time ago for KO. The handwriting was on the wall in 2007 when loyal smart misfit players like Chris, Mike Peckins, Richie Lopez couldn't play and we folded the team. By 2008 Castillo was gone, and by 2009 Mikey, Aaron, Jose Carrion, and Richie Lopez were history. We had our problems over the years, but those guys were my friends and gave me their all
  • You said I looked tired on Sunday, Well besides being unable to get the bat head through the hitting zone on Flaco (like most of Knockout) I was tired, burned out, and completely fried. Deep down I wish we hadn't made the playoffs, and when you feel that in your heart you are already defeated before you begin.
  • Much like Tread Bike Shop in 2007 ( remember that merger distaster) Knockout was a failure in 2010. That is all on me, the manager and GM. We had 5 one run regular season losses and for the most part our team consistented of too many selfish, egotistical, and ungrateful bastards.

Knockout is over. Time to lick my wounds, learn my lesson, and move on.


  1. Easy bro....

    I was "JUST SAYING"!


  2. Long live Knockout,the only team i trully loved. Beside my psycho manager and communist general manager, knockout was my first home a true softball team,the real dirty dozen. Johnny c.

  3. Rick,bitch i told you from the beginning forget blondy didnt i?. Juan, before you hack my computer again we know you have a family you are a good guy. Rick you need to hired Omar minaya.

    RALPH SERRANO#32!!!!!!

  5. Easy Rick! Dio was JUST SAYING! : ) First, I want to thank you for having me on board this year. I had a good time with you and the fellas. The experience as always has molded me to be a better player and person and for that I thank you. And even though it was an uphill battle each and every game; who said it would be easy? On a positive note, there is always next year, so do not make any premature decisions. However, the big question still remains, WILL "THE WEST-LANDERS" TRI-PEAT? There are still some very good teams remaining. JUST SAYING!!! : ) Love, DA REAL # 19, Juan "GONZO" a.k.a. "JUAN GONE" Gonzalez and the Chelsea Softball League Commissioner -

  6. Quite frankly, I was ready to pack it in this year. It was Ric who was the driving force behind the league. Back in August, he spent countless hours putting up fliers at parks in the city and the Bronx (i thought he was nuts). He harassed the Parks Dept to get us our permits. He ran around and met with all the managers to collect league fees; then he diligently created a schedule every week to accommodate EVERY team AND maintain competitive balance. The league has been spectacular this year thanks to Rics hard work. Ric lost the Knockout battle, but he won the league war.

  7. I don't know Dio but his evaluation on putting a winning team together is right on. Superstars and big reputations don't guarantee success. You need a bunch of scrapy loyal guys who like and respect each other. Look what the Giants did with a bunch of no names who enjoyed playing the game and played it hard. No superstars...just winners. A successful team needs WINNERS NOT WHINERS

    Jim Bitros