Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inwood Final Four Preview: Nanny McPhee and Clash of the Titans

SBI would like to congratulate the World Series Champion San Fransisco Giants,whom Astrid and I visited in the spring,and their long suffering loyal fans like Big Apple Commissioner Jeff Marcus
who literally almost waited a lifetime for a Championship. While the MLB season is over, the softball platoffs aren't quite done yet as this weekend the Final Four will take place.

Inwood has been very competitive this fall and the cream has risen to the top as the four best teams have advanced to the semis - Westlanders, Trojans, Marlins, and Bizcocheros. Unfortunately, behavior in Inwood has been childlike this fall with a record number of suspensions and near confrontations so I will have to follow baby sitter's Nanny McPhee's
credo of "When you need me, but do not want me, then I will stay. When you want me, but do not need me, I will go" and go to the park and watch both series as a babysitter for 30+ year old children b/c quite frankly they can't be trusted to play nice alone.

Clear Message from Softball Nanny McPhee "Zero Tolerance this week for poor behavior and sportsmanship. Zero. We will send everyone to softball bed without dinner, if you can't act normal. No fighting. No inappropriate personal/racial remarks. That is not a threat. It is a fact. That warning is for all four teams involved"

Hopefully, all I will see is great softball and since the four teams remaining are all true softball Titans, it will be interesting to see which team climbs upon Pegasus
and slays the beast to championship glory.
Here is my Clash of the Titans Final Four Predictions and Analysis :

Marlins #1 Seed vs Bizcocheros #4 Seed

Much like Hades
the god of the underworld, the Marlins have have ruled the underworld of softball this year unmercifully unleashing beast hitter and pitching on the opposition. But I like the Bizchochers (cake makers) in this match up b/c this long time citysoftball franchise slightly wants it more and more importantly they have the amazing three fingered ace starter Miguel Batista on the mound. This series will definitely go three games, but in the end the Bizcocheros will have their cake and eat it to, as they earn a hard fought finals appearance.

Westlanders #2 Seed vs Trojans #3 Seed

Much like Medusa

the defending back to back champion The Westlanders "WL"are the baddest bitch on the softball planet and if you fall into their gaze and don't keep your shield up
they will turn you into stone. After losing top pitchers Fran and Edgar Jr earlier this fall a WestLander three peat seemed unlikely, but now it seems inevitable. The key acquisition of new ace Flaco
has reinvigorated their squad on both sides of the ball and has them on the verge of yet again another title. Lost in much of the WL's confrontational, controversial, and at times seemingly malicious behavior is a loyal, unselfish, and fundamentally sound club that rarely beats itself. The Trojans have a strong offense but with the suspension of one of their top starting pitchers
and their track record of not showing up for early games make them the clear underdogs. The Trojans have the talent to win, but my prediction is WL in a sweep.

The league was flourished again this fall and a strong final four weekend would go a long way to keep the progress going.


  1. Nanny McPhee is a hottie ! I'm getting aroused !