Monday, November 15, 2010

Something Fishy in Inwood Present and Past

The Trojans and Westlanders "WL" resumed their infamous protest marred deciding game three and using a new source of hydration the Trojans were ready and held on to make the finals. With suspended owner Renso looking on from the street level above the Trojans rode their pitching and defense momentum to a 2-0 game one championship victory over the Marlins. The following boring video records the end of game one
Only the very end of this video is worthwhile to watch as lead Citysoftball softball analyst John Sheppard injects life into it by giving his professional opinion of Citysoftball's management. But as the day wore on the Trojans just didn't have enough pitching to hold down a deep powerful Marlin lineup and it was the Marlins who emerged as the 2010 Citysoftball Champions!!!!!!!!!!

Citysoftball congratulates the Marlins who lost game one in both the semi-finals and the finals and still came out on top with clearly superior play.

Ironically that a team with a fishy name won the Championship in Inwood this year as the leagues management was been very publicly criticized as having a "you guys fucked us" approach to handling things. So I decided to go back and take a special look at Inwood's 12 year history and uncover all the moments that we fucked over after teams and found the following:

Inwood's "You Guys Fucked Us" History

1999 - Lob Ball - The league fucked over a Bruckner Bulldog player by suspending him from the championship b/c he was coaxed into throwing a soda can at an umpire's face in the semi-finals. Hmmm .. proof #1

2000 - Lob ball - The league unfairly forced Spinal Tap to play the Championship even though their entire team was in Puerto Rico that late November weekend. Hmmm More Proof of the league fucking someone over. In addition, the league also fucked over the Bulldogs a second year in a row when one of their players was thrown out of the league for punching an umpire. Who made the guys running this league judge and jury?

2001 - Lob Ball - Management unfairly made Edgar Sr bat in a game even though their was no designated hitter rule in effect. Edgar Sr tirade almost got him thrown out of the league and made John Sheppard lose his mind. hmmm... again the league is up to no good

2002 - Two leagues
In a Knockout - Maniac opening round playoff game one of their players was thrown out of a game for telling the umpire to "go fuck himself" and the Maniacs blamed the league ... again more evidence

Lob Ball
After winning game one against Knockout, Riverdale Tavern complained that the Knockout players who showed up late shouldn't be allowed to play because they were playing games in the modified league. Cheaters. I mean who plays in more than one league in one day anyway

2003 - The league is only modified now so now all those lob ball teams have now been cheated. Moreover, KO didn't protest any blatant illegal Hustler players and they had a ton) in their 1st round match up which they lost in the bottom of the 7th inning in game three. The Hustlers then almost went on to beat West in a famous game where George Colon fell in a puddle in LCF. Obviously KO didn't protest b/c they wanted to the Hustlers to advance and beat everyone else.

2004 - After getting mercied in week three of the regular season and falling to 2-4, KO almost folded but Castillo recruited 4 new players in Week 4 and KO made it all the way to the finals. These guys keep finding ways to fuck everyone else over.

2005 - As is league custom all teams were notified of prizes before the season and that no regular season prizes were offered this particular year(as was the case in prior years), but upon winning 1st place key Padres players blatantly accused us of stealing face to face. Damn Citysoftball keeps fucking people over year after year - Where does all the $$$ go?????

2006 - League refuses to allow players from a folded Philly team to join Highlanders in week 6 of the season even though rosters are closed after week 4. That's ain't right and to make matters worse KO won the chip that year. Those guys are abusive

2007 - KO and West folded and the league goes out an gets a sponsor for both teams to merge and play for free. How selfish is that?

2008 - In a game three of a semi-final against the Criminals, WL ace Fran
"accidentally" tosses home plate at an umpire's back after the game was suspended due to darkness. Fran is allowed to complete game three and is suspended for only game one of the Championship. The league fucked the Criminals on that one and they never came back, thereby losing a top team.

2009 - Who could ever forget Danny Mac's manager
George's eloquent well thought out rant of
after his team forfeited a makeup game in the regular season. The league clearly jerked Danny Mac by "only" notifying them 2 full weeks ahead of time of the make up game.

2010 - It is well documented who the victims are - no need for further debate

After reviewing the body of evidence over the years, perhaps everyone is right and we should turn the league over to more honest commissioners
and qualified head umpires.
Search your feelings and you decide the truth as the 2010 season is over, time to fade to black and vaya con dios


  1. Short term memory, I'm guilty of it myself many times. It comes with the age. Everyone have a nice holiday season.

  2. Amazing that a player can throw something at an umpire and continue to play after only being suspended for one game. That is a joke.

  3. this league sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come to bronxstars. . ho ho ho

  4. Bronxstars league is garbage ...... straight up garbage ....

  5. Funny, when things don't go your way the world is against you. Meanwhile, you have made a career of bitching about everything and the most tedious of rules. Comical considering everyone says Ric is cheating for you now you say he has it out for you. Short term memory at its best.

    Go on with your Napoleon complex!!!

  6. this league will suck next year. no alcohol? softball equal to have fun and relax. not to boot camp and bs rules. come to bronxstars. next year. fine garbage, no shit garbage like this one. ho ho ho .F.G

  7. Sounds like fat freddy is having a ton of fun. Freddy,what happend to those guys that beat the living shit out of Bobby, one of your umps?. You are no match to city softball. Nobody cares to play in your swimming pool.

  8. Ricky dont stop blogging.