Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rare SBI MailBag Response "Is Anybody Out there?"

While I sincerely appreciate, respect, and need my readership, I usually do not respond to Anonymous comments b/c if someone doesn't have the common courtesy (nice way of saying balls) to sign their name to a comment, then they don't deserve to be acknowledged, but today I will make a rare exception. In response to my instant classic softball consumer conscious blog I received the following anonymous comment

"Ricky, your league is great but your pot is too small. good fields,decent umps,OK management. Raise the pot make the trip above 96 street worth the ride. Winning is fun when you win $omething good. peace"

My Response
Thank you for your readership and insight Mr/Mrs "Anonymous". To properly respond, I will borrow the following lines from Eminem's amazing new song 'Is Anyone out there'

Is anybody out there? It feels like I’m talkin to myself No one seems to know my struggle And everything I come from Can anybody hear me? It guess I keep talkin to myself It feels like I’m going insane Am I the one whose crazy?

As my partner (who is on vacation) and I have repeatedly said for years WE DO NOT WANT "the pot is too small" greedy softball mentality in Inwood. If you want to gamble on winning a big pot, then go play in the other leagues I detailed in the attached blog above and deal with horrible costs, fields, 1-1 counts, crooked /incompetent umpires/commissioners, and illegal pitching/rosters.

Inwood is about competition, good softball, fair treatment, honesty, nice fields, fun, and quite frankly not about the money as god knows we make zilch from the league. Zilch. Outside of Gunn sports (which allows illegal pitching), I honestly do not know a big money league in Manhattan that pays big $$$$ (some big money Dominican leagues came up short at pay day time this year, we NEVER come up short or make you wait with our prizes).

Also, some of the best below 96th leagues in NYC like the Big Apple, offer NO Cash prizes yet have wonderful competition. So I guess your "make the trip above 96th street worth the ride" comment is a bit myopic. Softball ignorant is no way to go through life son, so come play at
Thank you for your readership


  1. Tha´s my point. You pay on time.

  2. What side of the bed did Ricky get up on?
    I love you Ricky

  3. Red Hook Sundays is $10,000 prize. Bring a team in.

  4. Rich white people only go above 96 st. You can have your 10 g´s and all the cheating and illegal pitching that comes with it. thanx Super Anonymous

  5. Does anybody runs this blog?