Friday, August 20, 2010

90 Feet baby 90 Feet

Last night in the Jersey City Division of the Wall Street League my team Pershing played game two of a playoff series against Equity. Unfortunately, due to a last second rain out on Monday and circumstances beyond their control the league was left scrambling for a field on Thursday (game day) afternoon. Commissioner William Jommarron did a great job of obtaining a field in association with the parks department at the beautiful Roberto ClementeBaseball Sports Complex in Jersey City
Usually Softball players hate playing on baseball fields b/c the dimensions are confusing for positioning outfielders and infielders. Well that problem got magnified for everyone involved when a gentlemen who physically ran the facility informed us upon our arrival that he would not allow us to put the bases down at 60 feet (ASA distance) b/c he did not want to damage the infield grass. The only way he we could play softball was to play the game uses 90 foot bases - Baseball style.
Without argument we wanted to play so we did it Yes you read that right we played softball at 90 feet
Goddamn that shit is far

but definitely fun

as we were moving all over the place trying to get to the bag without needing CPR. The only distance that was regulation was the pitcher's mound were our unsung and reliable ace Santos led us to victory and a finals appearance.

I would like to say thank you to Pershings #1 fan and score keeper

Jennifer for her help with the pictures and videos (certain game video was too large to upload but thank you for your kind effort).

This 90 feet game was weird, but definitely a memorable softball experience.


  1. The field is named for Ed Franco of JC who was one of Fordham's "Seven Blocks of Granite" in the 1930's.