Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Wizard

Saturday Central Park Softball Commissioner Steve Jimenez, has a new glove.
Top Ten Reasons Steve has the word Merlin on his new glove
10. Merlin was a magician
Steve considers himself a magician on the mound
Steve is an open pitcher (non-modified) and he has his days where he makes bats disappear, but he also has his days that you wish he would disappearl. Whether you agree with him or not he has softball love.
9. To make everyone happy, a commissioner will speak like a Wizard. That is, they speak in riddles and let people figure things out on their own
8. He Longs to emulate the true baseball wizard Ozzie Smith on the field

7. The Wizard of Oz was his favorite movie growing up

6. He finished 3rd in a Dungeons and Dragon Tournament in 1985 and is obsessed with wizards
5. It's all part of the master plan for Softball domination
4. If he ever loses his glove the person who finds it will have no problem locating him I mean everyone knows who Merlin is of course
3. Don't hate ... he's got style
2. There is no explaining the very personal intimate man-glove connection. Its a relationship that transcends words and takes years of trust. If Steve is freaky enough to give a glove a name, then will who am I to judge.

and the Number One Reasons Steve has the word Merlin on his new glove

1. ?????????

Thinks the Wicked Witch of the West got a raw deal in OZ a

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