Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's April 1st that means it's April Fool's Day, sometimes called All Fools' Day, and it is one of the most light hearted days of the year. In the name of fun and good hearted mischief people trick or play practical jokes on one another to get a good laugh. Well this year in NYC Softball, the Park's department is playing us all for Fools as their are hardly any fields available in Manhattan. Finding a field to practices or play scrimmage games on nowadays is about as easy as finding buried treasure at the beach.

Dude this is Unacceptable !!!!!!!!!!
It's APRIL!!!!!!!!!!
Its been a long winter and we want to play stress free!!!!!!!
I'm mad as Softball Hell and I am not going to take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Ten Reasons Why Their are No Fields to Play Softball on In NYC

10. 54th Street is Thankfully under construction. Soon the worse field in Manhattan

will be redone. Patience is key here as the wheels of progress turn slowly.
9. Central Park is Closed!?!??!?!? What the fuck?? It's April. Today was the 1st day it rained in weeks. This is pathetic. So much for government bailout. They can't even open the park on time.
8. Politics - Bloomberg extended his term limit as King, I uh mean Mayor - so no need to be nice to the little guy anymore. I mean parking tickets are over $100 and permits costs are high, so of course the budget is dried up and the fields are closed. Just another case of the Man keeping Us Down.
7. Who needs Softball Fields when the New Yankee Stadium & CITIFIELD are opening,if you can afford to go.
6. Recession - I have no idea why the recession would effect the parks, But nowadays its the excuse we use for everything else so I might as well make it a line item in my Top Ten
5. Like I was trying to say in #9 The Parks Department sucks and is impossible to deal with.
4. The only fields available are above 96th street and only a select crowd travels there.
3. Co-Ed Football/Soccer seasons are still not over. I mean c'mon they've been playing for the last 20 weeks
2. No need to play everyone is either watching March Madness or planning their Fantasy Baseball Draft

and the Number One Reason Why Their are No Fields to Play Softball on In NYC

1. Simple Economics : Demand exceeds Supply


  1. VOTE->Chelo for mayor

  2. you could always play in brooklyn.