Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Clinton Park - 54st Fields UPDATE

written by SBI investigator - Juan "blondie" Moreiras

Believe or not, the Clinton field renovation seems to be close to completion. Converting this park to to turf was a much needed evil. Of course grass is better, but this field was horrible and downright dangerous. We know the Parks Dept doesn't care about any grass outside of Central Park, so turf was the right choice. I think this is going to revitalize the leagues and we should see some better competition this year.

The layout is pretty similar, 2 softball fields and one baseball field. However, there is only one field with dirt cut-outs around the bases. This is the field closets to 54th and tenth. Not sure why they did this - you'd figure the Baseball field should have some dirt? The other notable difference you'll note is that this field has been moved out (away from the dugouts) about 10 ft. They also installed a "misting" pole near right field (wtf?). I guess its so the RFielder can keep cool between innings. The dugouts are new and look great.

There is some bad news for the Yorkiville umpires - these fields are properly MEASURED! Yes, the party is over for those umps who used to make home to 1B 90ft so game would go faster. For years we argued about the base distance and they always ignored us. No mas!

Unfortunately, all the parking along 54st has been replaced by bus parking

Hopefully the park will be ready "Spring 2009" as the sign says...

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