Monday, March 23, 2009

The Parks Deptartment at work???

(blog by Juan)

Was I seeing things?

The parks department was actually fixing a field in Inwood Park. Yes, I saw it and I have the pictures to prove it:

A truck with a small tractor pulls up to field 1 (the baseball field).

That's 4 parks dept employees fixing field 1 (baseball).

A little machine to flatten out the infield. Amazing. Where has this shit been all this time?

In our 10 plus ears of playing Softball at Inwood Park we have NEVER seen a parks employee so much as pick up a rock on our fields. To be fair, they have for the most part at least been cooperative with our field crew, Chelo. That is, until this past year which was a fucking nightmare.

PS, they only fixed the 2 baseball fields and didnt touch the softball fields which looked like crap.

On a related note, I also noticed recently the flats at Van Cortland are getting a major rennovation. They're actually building more fields and doing something with the vast open park. Its about time! Lights? Turf? We'll have to wait and see....

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  1. All these renovations are short lived. Its NY, and in those areas, unfortunately, it will be destroyed, unless there is park security. And what are the chances of that........Zero.